Heal the Trauma, End the Story, Move On!

By BakeR Gendron - The Psychic Coach

 Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

I say,  “You cannot heal an issue or a trauma at the same level it was created.”

What do Einstein and I mean by this?
If we truly want to heal a past trauma, we have to rise to a calmer, wiser, more grounded level to dissipate the emotions we experienced during the trauma.  
If you have been dealing with an issue or a trauma for quite some time and it seems to just linger on, are you still approaching the problem with the same emotions you felt when it first happened?  Are you still experiencing anger, rage, frustration?  How can you rise above those emotions to find a new level to heal the issue?
For instance, let’s say I have an upset with a good friend, and I want to get past it.  If I approach my friend with anger, her response will probably be defensiveness and more anger.  And who does that serve?  Neither of us.  However, if I approach with forgiveness, love, compassion, good listening skills and an open heart, she will probably respond in kind. 
What we give, we receive!
If we continue to live in the story of past trauma, talk about it, obsess about it and dramatize it–the story continues.  In effect we are still victims of the story.  The trauma still controls us!
Which means the person who abused us or the incident that happened still controls us!  Do you really want to let that past trauma control you for months or years?   NO!
One of my very wise mentors once asked me, “Do you really want to be done with this drama?”
Yes, of course!  I proclaimed. 
“Then shut up about it!”, she replied. 
I sat there in stunned silence, yet thinking, But she is doing this to me!  Didn’t you hear the latest thing that she did?   I am the victim!  
But then I got silent again, and I saw how I was perpetuating the story.
What I didn’t realize until that moment was how much I loved sharing the drama, how big I had made it, how I loved each new detail that I could dramatize for others, and how attached I had become to the story.  But that day I decided to listen to my mentor.  I stopped talking about it, dramatizing it, ruminating on what would happen and feeding the story monster.  I stopped!
If I thought about the trauma, I sent love and forgiveness to both of us.  And once I “shut up”, within a few weeks the drama had stopped.  The trauma that had been stalking me (and me it) stopped.  I was free!
When you’re working on healing an issue try to move to another level.  If you’re angry, try forgiveness and love.  If you’re frustrated, be compassionate with yourself and the problem, get out of the box to look for a new solution.   If you’re hurt, tend to your emotions and then see if you can rise above your emotions, observe the issue and find empathy for yourself and the other. 
What is the opposite of the emotion you are feeling? That is the level where the healing can begin.

Are you willing to try healing from a new level? Would you like to be free of the pain? Or are you attached to your pain?

When you are truly ready to heal, to forgive, to move on, you may find that moving to that new healing level is not as difficult as you thought it would be. It does take work and time but you too can change your story for the better!
Here’s to new stories full of love, peace and beauty!   Love,  BakeR

p.s. if you need help to find that calmer, wiser, healing level, I am here.

“You cannot heal an issue or a trauma at the same level it was created.”
— BakeR Gendron

You are Free!

It’s your Choice.

BakeR Gendron