BakeR Gendron, Shamanic Reiki Master

Way of the Warrior Woman Retreat – Become your most bold, beautiful self !      

August 15-17, 2018

All women have an inner warrior woman who is powerful, determined, bold, wise and able to rise to action with dignity and strength. For centuries women have been degraded, usurped, stripped of power and rendered invisible and silent by culture, politics and the media. It’s time to take back your personal power and re-claim your inner sacred warrior woman. A woman who fights for her dreams, knows her opinion and voice counts and takes powerful, thoughtful action on her own behalf and the causes she values most deeply.

  • Are you secretly yearning to live more bold and authentically?
  • Do you have untapped potential that is currently wasting away?
  • Are your dreams taking a back seat to your partner’s, your family’s, your children?
  • Do you keep feeling like there’s “something more”?
  • Are your fears or disappointing past experiences holding you back?

Dates: August 15-17, 2018
Retreat Fee: $544.00
Deposit of $272.00, balance of $272.00 due by July 31st.
Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees.

Video Description of The Way of the Warrior Woman Retreat hosted by BakeR Gendron, The Psychic Coach in Sedona, Arizona

Purchase: Way of the Warrior Woman Retreat

Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees.
A deposit of $272.00 holds your space, balance due by July 31, 2018
Click on our paypal link above or Please call 928-325-1648 or email to pay in full or pay your deposit. OR mail a check to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. SR 89A , Sedona, AZ  86336


About the Retreat

At Way of the Warrior Woman you will step into the power of being your bold, extraordinary, authentic self. Celebrate who you truly are with a safe, loving, supportive group of women. What have you always wanted to do? It’s time to reconnect with that vision, unleash the power and live it.

  •  Discover how your boundaries got warped when you tried to be like all those women in the magazines.
  •  Learn to discern the voices in your head that have your highest and best interest in mind and what to do with the ones that don’t.
  •  Explore how your past lives may be blocking you from achieving your vision in this lifetime and how to release those bonds.
  •  Lose your old stories, move past that flawed opinion you have of yourself (that someone probably fed you), release self-doubt and create the life you’ve always wanted!
  •  Reconnect with your dreams, unleash their power and live more boldly and fully than ever before.

During Way of the Warrior Woman retreat you will:

  •  Release old stories
  •  Heal past life blocks with Shamanic meditation/dream work
  •  Burn away self-doubt and limitations in a fire ceremony
  •  Learn the woman warrior’s steps to create what you desire in your life
  •  Trust & take action on your inner guidance and intuition
  •  Mend your boundaries
  •  Transform anger and fear into action
  •  Experience the power of guided group meditation
  •  Find your core value – what drives you
  •  Transform your negative self-image
  •  Learn three powerful questions to use when making a decision
  •  Embrace your intuitive self
  •  Learn to discern your true voice
  •  Set boundaries to protect your core self and values
  •  Use your will and spiritual creative power to shape shift and create your life like a shaman
  •  Create your very own power statements
  •  Review or create your life vision
  •  Collage your vision
  •  Play the “I am so Beautiful” game
  •  Find and own your special qualities that are unique, extraordinary, fantastic and and bodacious!
  •  Laugh, cry, embody your feelings
  •  Claim your unique Warrior Woman Way to power and joy
  •  Empower yourself to create the life you desire
  •  Jump into your POWER!
  •  Receive gifts you can’t imagine!
  •  Create an action plan to take home
  •  Hike amongst the stunning red rocks of Sedona
  •  Meditate, vision, journal and take action
  •  Experience the profound love of an Angel Wash
  •  Become your most bold, beautiful, sacred self!
  •  and much,much more…

Retreat Facilitator

BakeR Gendron The Psychic Coach.jpg

BakeR Gendron is The Psychic Coach, a fun and inspirational spiritual leader, and a clairsentient channel. Utilizing spiritual principles with a shamanic twist, she enables you to mold all facets of your life bringing the mind-body-soul connection that you desire. She will empower you to realize your full potential by stepping through known and unknown barriers, even using her past life healing technique when necessary.

With BakeR’s passion for the outdoors and her love of nature, she developed retreats in the magnificent red rocks of Sedona, for psychic development, deep introspective work and healing energy work.

She is a clairaudient/clairsentient intuitive, channeling Mamacita-her Peruvian Spirit Guide, Geronimo, the Hathors and the Arcturians; a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki healing practitioner. BakeR studied with Peruvian Shamans, Maestro Banco Ayahuasquero – Don Rober Acho Jarama and Maestro Huachumero – Don Howard Lawler, in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes Mountains. Her Reiki studies were completed at Infinite Light Healing Studies in Sedona, AZ.

Past vice president of the Sedona Metaphysical and Spiritual Association, BakeR adheres to their professional ethics and practices. She is a graduate of the Red Rock Ranger District’s Outfitter/Guide Training, is a Master Prosperity Teacher, graduate of the SAAR Leadership Program, a Fire-walker and is First Aid/CPR trained.

As a Religious Science Practitioner for over thirteen years she taught many spiritual classes including Self Mastery, Principles of Financial Freedom, Roots of Science of Mind, Spiritual Principles, Science of Mind Foundational and Mysticism. Her work is based on Religious Science Principles with a Shamanic twist.

BakeR’s vision is to empower others to find their Inner Truth, to claim that voice and live a full, rich, joyous life!
For more about BakeR click here


“This experience is priceless. I have grown so much and this will empower me for eternity and beyond. I am flying so high with love and gratitude. I love you! Thank you!” –Debbie Craft, Rohnert Park, CA

“Thank you for providing this opportunity of growth and introspection on my journey. This environment was perfect for me. I felt in awe of the beauty around me, connected to nature and safe to open myself up to me and the group. Muchissimo gracino!” –Cindy Platko, Charlotte, NC

“BakeR Rocks! She is gentle, empowering, nurturing, spiritual and wise. The best combination for a wonderful leader of a women’s retreat.” –Celeste Keaton, Seattle, WA

Retreat Cancellation Policy:

If you should have to cancel unexpectedly here are our terms: Your deposit is fully refundable less a 20% cancellation fee if you cancel in writing at least 21days before the retreat. After that date, there are absolutely no refunds. BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC reserve the right to cancel programs, retreats and workshops in the event of natural disasters, inclement weather, a facilitator’s illness or death, damage to the venue, inadequate enrollment.  We will give provide notice by email as soon as possible.  

However, BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC are unable to refund any transportation, flight, lodging or other incidental expenses incurred. It is suggested you obtain travel insurance. You can review insurance plans here:

And there are many others, just Google trip insurance.