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Wade Jordan, 

Shamanic Reiki Master of Usui and Karuna Reiki

Wade Jordan is a Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master. His extraordinary gifts and presence have made him a healer of passion, devotion, compassion, and love. Over the years, Wade has perfected his system of energy healing so that it can be used for physical healing, energetic aligning, energy protection and recharging chakras. Wade possesses amazing intuitive gifts of masterful healing hands and spirit. Even his hugs are powerfully life giving. He brings his knowledge and enthusiasm for helping people to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center. 

Services Offered by Wade:

Usui Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word translated as “Universal Life Energy” (ULE). It is a very specific form of Japanese Reiki utilizing hand positions to flow the ULE which takes extensive practice to master.

Karuna Reiki

This process utilizes the same “life force energy” that is used in Reiki healings. It is considered a natural progression of Usui and Tibetan Reiki and is often described as a “higher vibrational form of Reiki” that possesses “multidimensional properties.” Practitioners of Karuna Reiki often report that it is difficult to describe the energy that is being channeled. They will use words such as “stronger,” “more intense,” and “more powerful.” They also report that it feels gentler in many ways . . . more compassionate!  Wade exudes compassion!

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is founded on the non-hierarchical view that all of life, not just human, has consciousness. The intelligence that infuses life empowers the shaman to transmute disease and harmonize imbalance. The air we breathe, the waters that flow, the fire of the sun, and the earth herself—plants, animals rocks, minerals and trees as well as ancestral, human and inter-dimensional spirits are called in to assist the Reiki master.

Wade’s unique style of Shamanic Reiki combines the releasing of blocks with energized minerals and crystals, calling on the powerful elements of Shamanism and the compassion of Karuna Reiki. It’s a truly transformative and expansive experience. 

Call (928) 325-1648 to Schedule a Session with Wade.

Praise for Wade:

What a magical and healing experience it is to work with Wade. After years of built up emotional and physical pain, I was guided to come see him for energy work. What an honor it was for Wade to share his gifts of knowledge, sight, and healing with me. Since I don’t live in the area, he has graciously continued to do work with me via phone sessions…What a treat!
— Carlynne E.

to Schedule a Session or for information:

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