Unique Personal Packages

Enlightenment Wellness Package

Rejuvenate, reenergize and balance in this sacred package. Feel deeply connected and grounded in your body, mind and spirit. 

Choose three of the following: Intuitive Reading, Massage w/cupping & Gua Sha, Reiki, Cranial Sacral 

3 1hour sessions $355.00
3 90 minute Sessions $516.00

Healthier You Wellness Package

Start with a Medical Intuitive session to determine the cause of your lethargy, physical issues, and/or illnesses; get tips for diet, supplements, and physical programs to bring complete wellness. Follow with energy work and body work to jump start your wellness.
One hour Medical Intuitive Session plus two of the following: Reiki or SoundTherapy; Cranial Sacral or Massage Therapy 


Your Body and You Wellness Package

A whole day dedicated to you and your body. Nourish your tissues, relieve aches and pains, get relief from ongoing ailments, get grounded and become more in touch with your whole being.   

Choose from three of the following: Cranial sacral, Myofascial, Massage, Reflexology or Awakening Touch (females only-Awakening Touch). 


Shamanic Wellness Package

Tap into the sacred healing rituals of the shamans, working with the earth’s energy, totem animals and guides, to reveal your true self, release blocks and move forward powerfully.  Your healer may use minerals, feathers, drums, rattles, oils, specialized smudging herbs, wands and/or other sacred tools.  

Shamanic reading with your totems and spirit guides, Shamanic Reiki and Shamanic massage.


Sound Healing DUO Package

Sound healing works with the body’s natural vibration to unlock healing frequencies. Shamanic drumming, chanting or toning induce an altered state of consciousness that change your brain patterns.  Sound frequencies empower you to claim peace, balance and wellness.

 In the first session with BakeR you will experience Shamanic drumming and rattles to access your higher self’s inner capacity for healing.  In this session we will release any blocks to your healing, clear any attachments, heal cellular memories from past lives and open you to profound healing.  BakeR uses native drums, rattles from Peru, crystal bowls and may include minerals and smudging.  

The second session is with vocal sound healer Diane. Diane uses a special vocal technique called harmonic overtone chanting or singing that reinforces your energy field.  Using only her voice she accesses a higher vibration level. Her voice carries extra elements which cannot be found with any other instruments. This session returns you to your pure being, leaving you relaxed, whole and complete.  

2-2.5 hours $326.00

Saturday Sedona Sojourn Wellness Package

Do you have a Saturday in Sedona?  Sojourn with us as we facilitate your wellness with our wide range of body+mind+spirit sessions. Feel relaxed, connected, nurtured and restored as our extraordinary practioners guide you on your inspired wellness journey. Leaving you yearning for more! 

Choose from one of the following: Sound healing or Reconnective healing, and
Two of the following: Polarity therapy, Massage, Intuitive reading, Cranial Sacral or Reiki 


Custom packages are available; please let us know what you desire to accomplish and allow us to set up your custom retreat.


Custom Wellness and Retreat package INFORMATION:

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