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Tom McBeth — Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Tom first learned to hypnotize others as a teenager. Recognizing at an early age the immense power to change and heal lives with this modality, he later chose to become a Hypnotherapist and is still helping people over 40 years later. His work is centered upon the belief that all answers, healing, and transformation can be obtained through connecting and communicating with one’s own central core essence of love, wisdom and light. Tom’s expertise is in providing the guidance for one to access this realm of deep healing on their own by assisting them in connecting with their higher self, spirit guides, and angelic beings.     

A graduate of three schools of Hypnotherapy, Tom is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He offers a wide variety of sessions geared towards each individual’s needs. The modalities that Tom specializes in are Heavenly Realm Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.

Services Offered by Tom:

Heavenly realm hypnosis

Albert Einstein once commented that “Problems cannot be solved at the same level at which they are created.” In this Hypnotherapy session, the client’s body goes deeper and deeper into relaxation, while their spirit ascends higher into the heavenly realm. It’s in this dimension that the individual can communicate directly with their own spirit guides, angels and higher self, obtaining first-hand the healing and transformation needed. The possibilities are endless as to what can be accomplished, such as uncovering one’s present life purpose, removing blockages that keep us from moving forward in life, gaining clarity and insight into illness and events, and viewing and understanding soul contracts.

past life regression

Painful patterns that reoccur in one’s life are often found repeating in several lifetimes. While it’s true that viewing this pattern and the origin in former lifetimes can be healing, quite often more is needed. From the depth of one’s own soul, the answers as to what is needed is known whether it is a deep level of forgiveness for oneself or others, energetic trauma reversal, understanding and help from our guides and angels or perhaps something else. In this past life regression Tom has you view the lifetime(s) most affecting the current one, then proceed through the death process and into a higher realm where the answers and healing needed are found.  Also obtained is the direct access to gain clarity from guides and soul level consciousness.

Soul contract hypnotherapy session

Discover your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. Whether you desire more clarity in what you were meant to do in this lifetime, what you are meant to learn and accomplish in certain relationships, or perhaps what path you are meant to follow in certain areas of your life, this session will help you to obtain clarity. Designed for you to be able to ask your own questions and receive your own answers through a deep connection with your higher core essence, guides and angels.

Future planning hypnotherapy session

Designed to help you manifest those key ingredients you desire in your life. This customized session is recorded for you to be able to play back to yourself whenever you choose. See, feel and sense things so deeply and clearly as if they’re already here from a deep trance state and watch them appear!

Transformation hypnotherapy session

This session is designed to assist you in removing the blockages that keep you from living the life you deserve filled with love and joy. Usually one or more of several different modalities will be used depending on the blockage involved. Whether your blockage is known or unknown it will be brought to the light and transformed.

Praise for tom:

I am recommending Mr. Tom McBeth to anyone seeking exceptional therapeutic hypnosis services. His approach to both the cognitive realm and the subconscious state are relaxing, thorough and therapeutically productive. If your interest is more in the spiritual realm, Tom’s Heavenly Realm Hypnosis will take you to a place of complete spiritual euphoria. It was the single most beautiful spiritual experience I’ve ever had.
— R. F., Sedona, AZ

Over the years I have had several hypnosis sessions with Tom. I find him to be a caring, sensitive person and a very good hypnotherapist. In my last session with him, I was dealing with some emotional issues related to back pain from a car accident. We cleared the issue, reframed all the negative childhood experiences, and days later I had a deep emotional cleansing. I felt much fear and sadness was released from my unconscious so that a real healing could occur. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone [who] needs hypnotherapy.
— A. A., Arizona

Tom McBeth has been instrumental in my mental health. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, hyper vigilant, and numerous social anxieties. Through Tom’s help I have made progress in society without even having to think about it. I can’t explain how or why his therapy works, but I am living proof that it does. I would highly recommend contacting him if you struggle daily. He is a very kind, non judgmental man who is a great listener and sincerely cares about your well being and recovery.
— T. J., South Wall, Texas

to Schedule a Session or for information:

To schedule a session with Tom, please click the button below or call (928) 325-1648 and we will be happy to assist you.