60 MINUTES $177 • 90 MINUTES $244

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Breathwork!
Would you like to experience emotional freedom and connection to Source? By opening your breath and transforming personas you can free yourself. Also when you open up and release your constricted breathing patterns, you also release your self-imposed limitations.

When your breath is full, free, relaxed and flowing, your life is too.
The Breath and Soul connection is the activity and infinite intelligence of Spirit in the body. This dynamic breathing quickly opens up your breath and connects you to Spirit. It triggers profound shifts in your mental and emotional states of awareness. You get unstuck and then you open into your essence.

In session you breathe in a way that naturally activates in you a high vibration energy. This universal vibration raises and alters the low, dense vibrational energy patterns that are stuck in your bio-electric field. This is called entrainment.

As you simultaneously clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies you instantly feel your deep connection to Spirit. You draw love and joy into your heart and soul, and anchor your connection to Infinite Intelligence.

Our goal at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is to help each one of you connect more fully with your soul through the power of your breath, energy healing and clearing personas. We are confident that if you can modify your breath and transform personas more healing will come. You will notice a difference.

Shams Teh: Shamanic Sound Healing, Power Animal Initiation, Shamanic Coaching

Shams Teh is a shamanic practitioner, yogi, aroma-therapist and musician. He is a teacher of extraordinary passion, devotion, humility, compassion and love. Most importantly, Shams brings his knowledge and enthusiasm surrounding Shamanic healing to Gateway Cottage Wellness. 
To learn more about Shama Teh, visit his page here...