60 MINUTES $177 • 90 MINUTES $244

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Breathwork!
Would you like to experience emotional freedom and connection to Source? By opening your breath and transforming personas you can free yourself. Also when you open up and release your constricted breathing patterns, you also release your self-imposed limitations.

When your breath is full, free, relaxed and flowing, your life is too.
The Breath and Soul connection is the activity and infinite intelligence of Spirit in the body. This dynamic breathing quickly opens up your breath and connects you to Spirit. It triggers profound shifts in your mental and emotional states of awareness. You get unstuck and then you open into your essence.

In session you breathe in a way that naturally activates in you a high vibration energy. This universal vibration raises and alters the low, dense vibrational energy patterns that are stuck in your bio-electric field. This is called entrainment.

As you simultaneously clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies you instantly feel your deep connection to Spirit. You draw love and joy into your heart and soul, and anchor your connection to Infinite Intelligence.

Our goal at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is to help each one of you connect more fully with your soul through the power of your breath, energy healing and clearing personas. We are confident that if you can modify your breath and transform personas more healing will come. You will notice a difference.

Shams Teh: Shamanic Sound Healing, Power Animal Initiation, Shamanic Coaching

Shams Teh is a shamanic practitioner, yogi, aroma-therapist and musician. He is a teacher of extraordinary passion, devotion, humility, compassion and love. Most importantly, Shams brings his knowledge and enthusiasm surrounding Shamanic healing to Gateway Cottage Wellness. 
To learn more about Shams Teh, visit his page here...

Shamanic Sound Healing

30 MINUTES $99 • 60 MINUTES $211

Enjoy a Visionary Journey with Shamanic Sound Healing.
Shamanic Sound Healing is a tonal vibrational bathing of your being which enables a clearer state of mind, detoxifies the lymphatic system and creates a deep state of relaxation.

The Sound Healing Ceremony initiates a person into a visionary state which allows guidance from Spirit to bring you into a receptive and harmonious state. Ceremony is offered to groups in Sedona and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center
Practitioner: Shams Teh

KITA Sound and Vibration Healing Session

60 MINUTES $133

Developed by Keiichiro Kita

The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine applies vibration and sound frequencies to the mind, body and spirit. While face down on the massage table, headphones and sound are adjusted for your comfort. You will hear healing music as the cushioned transducer is applied to your body, translating the music into frequency and vibration. The relaxing effect music has on the mind is amplified by combining it with the relaxing effect the vibration has on the body, making deep relaxation possible in a very short period of time. This combination is experienced by the body at a cellular level. It’s like being massaged by music as The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine introduces specific sound frequencies calming and nourishing the body systems to produce a state of balance.

Developed by Keiichiro Kita, founder of the Society for Harmonic Science, this modality combines music and vibrations to stimulate resonance throughout the body and brain, promoting an internal environment that fosters and optimizes one's innate ability to self-heal

These treatments are particularly effective for conditions resulting from stress and emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and the pain resulting from poor circulation of blood, lymph and other fluids in the body.  

50-60 minute session; no need to disrobe; just wear comfortable clothing.
Practitioner, Candace Caldwell

Couples Communication Skills/Talking Stick  

60 MINUTES $144

Physiology makes it difficult to communicate when you are frightened or upset. This session focuses on how to relax the body, express how you feel and/or what you need and ask for and give forgiveness to reach a compassionate understanding. Specific techniques for communicating are presented, along with a calming, centering meditation. 

The Native American tradition of passing the Talking Stick so that each person can speak their peace uninterrupted and be heard completes this experience.
Practitioner: Cynthia Beck Master Hypnotherapist

Sacred Walking Meditation Rituals on the Land

3 Hour minimum $350  (reservations required)  

Rituals have been used by all cultures to help the subconscious mind seal rights of passage, uplift the spirit and deepen the soul. Psychologist Carl Jung called ritual and symbolism the language of the unconscious mind.

Sedona offers a unique and powerful geography to invoke the power of the earth and the energy of the vortexes to create the opening and closing ritual for a personal and sacred experience. 
Practitioner: Cynthia Beck Master Hypnotherapist

Intuitive Reading W/Chakra Map & Balancing

60 MINUTES $188

Cynthia is a skilled energetic intuitive with a unique process to help you remove emotional blocks and clear your energy so your body, mind and spirit are all working optimally. Cynthia draws intuitive images of your current energetic system illustrating blocks to energy flow and what is causing them. Then she suggests a solution to help you remove blocked energy. A chakra session concludes with a guided meditation designed for your specific energetic needs. You can tape this session for your use in private
Practitioner. Cynthia Beck

Soul Retrieval

60-90 MINUTES $222

When we experience trauma in our lives, no matter how subtle or severe, part of our Soul essence can separate from us in order to escape experiencing the emotional pain of what we have gone through. When this happens we can feel ungrounded and find that we are not fully engaged in life. Melissa's Soul Retrieval process combines modern day psychology, shamanism, and hypnotherapy to help reclaim a piece of the individual that became fragmented during a trauma, intense event, or challenging moment in time. Soul loss is the result of a heightened state of fear, panic, or even uncertainty in which a part of us decided it was not safe to be in the body or perhaps to reconcile an event at the mental level. Melissa guides you on a journey to reclaim this hidden or lost part of you. Some of the common symptoms of "soul loss" are:

  • Not feeling the same after something has occurred

  • Not able to be present or handle emotion well

  • Chronic depression

  • Suicidal tendencies

  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome

  • Immune deficiency problems

  • Inconsolable grief

  • Addictions

  • A constant feeling that "something is missing"

Practitioner: Melissa Kim Corter