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Shams Teh, Shamanic Healer

Shams Teh is a shamanic practitioner, yogi, aroma-therapist and musician. He is a teacher of extraordinary passion, devotion, humility, compassion and love. Most importantly, Shams brings his knowledge and enthusiasm surrounding Shamanic healing to Gateway Cottage Wellness. In working with clients, he has seen how powerfully Shamanic healing can be for a range of illnesses; both mental and physical. By combining his experience, dedication of spirituality, and a deep respect for his shamanic lineage, specifically his time learning with the Taita Juan Chindoy of the Inga tribe of Colombia, he has created unique and authentic cultural teaching designed to bring awareness around both the healing and sacred ceremonies. Shams is available for individual sessions ranging from spiritual counseling, sound healing, and shamanic energy healing.


Services Offered By Shams:

Shamanic CoachinG

Shamanic Coaching will assist in uncovering past emotions and traumas through utilizing specific tools and implementing power animal card readings.  Sessions include clearing old belief systems and stagnate energies within the body in order to naturally align you to the true power within and embrace a more authentic you.

Shamanic Sound Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing is a tonal vibrational bathing of your being which enables a clearer state of mind, detoxifies the lymphatic system and creates a deep state of relaxation. The Sound Healing Ceremony initiates a person into a visionary state which allows guidance from Spirit to bring you into a receptive and harmonious state.  Ceremony is offered to groups in Sedona and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center.

Power Animal Initiation

Power Animal Initiation is an introduction to understanding the philosophy and significant messages of the Animal Totems. You will learn how to work with Power Animal Totems in order to gain focus, direction and learn to connect and move in harmony with the nature around you. You will naturally learn to discover your unlimited potential through this beneficial information.

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Praise for Shams

I attended Sham’s sound healing sessions, a profound experience to say the least. It’s hard to describe the feeling during and after the session, what I can say is that similar to other energetic healings I’ve received, I felt my cells responding and shifting into a new, higher vibration and I always felt lighter and giddy afterwards! Shams is an amazing teacher and healer and I am blessed to have him as a friend and guide during this journey.
— Caleb Tice, AZ
Shams is a beautiful, talented, spiritual man with a unique set of experience and skills which i have been blessed to experience many times first hand. Whether it’s a guided tour, soul cleansing, crystal bowl ceremony or a host of other Shamanic experiences, there is a depth of trust that he instills in you which allows you to let go of fear and participate in deeper levels of healing and renewal. I’ve worked with him in person and long- distance and I’ve always found wisdom in his voice and compassion in his heart. I would recommend Shams to anyone looking to go down the path less traveled with a voyager who knows the way.
— Jeff Mullins , NC
Shams Teh is a very special and unique healer. Something extremely significant always shifts each time I have the honor of being in one of his sound healings, yoga classes, readings, or one on one sessions. Shams was able to guide me into a deeply meditative state where I was reconnected with my soul in ways that I truly never imagined possible. He is kind, patient, and above all loving. His intuition and universal gift of healing have touched my soul and keep me coming back for more.
— Helen Matusick, PA

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