Sacred Messengers Workshop: How to Notice, Interpret & Work with Messages from the Universe

Saturday, October 12, 2019, 10am-5pm

We’ve all had synchronistic experiences or times when we felt like the animals, repeating numbers, signs, or events of the day were trying to tell us something important. I call these experiences Sacred Messengers. Others call them: signs from the universe, messages from God, messages from spirit guides or signs from loved ones. Whatever you call them, wouldn't you like to experience more of them and to know what they truly mean?

When we learn the language of Spirit, we open ourselves to a whole new guidance system. In this workshop, you’ll learn all the ways the Universe communicates with us, how to notice and interpret its messages, and participate in fun exercises, including creating your own Sacred Messenger Oracle Cards.


The Sacred Messengers Workshop will cover:

  • Learn how and why the Divine communicates through Sacred Messengers.

  • Discover several strategies for experiencing more Sacred Messages.

  • Participate in fun exercises to help you discover and work with Sacred Messengers.

  • Gain confidence in discerning the deeper meaning of Sacred Messengers.

  • Learn to dialogue with the Divine, angels, spirit guides, animals, departed loved ones, and more.

  • Receive activations to raise your vibration and expand your intuitive insight to see Sacred Messengers.

  • Participate in guided meditations to begin working with Sacred Messengers.

  • Learn the importance taking action on the inner guidance and the Sacred Messengers you receive.

  • Experience your connection to Spirit in a deeper, much more joyful way.

Participants will also receive a FREE copy of the:

  • The Sacred Messengers eGuide (contains all the exercises covered in the workshop), 72-pages

  • The Sacred Messengers Audio Guide - An audio version of the eGuide.

Workshop Details

Sacred Messengers Workshop
Date:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
Time:  10am – 5pm
Place: TBD, Sedona, AZ
Fee: $111, preregistration is required, please email us or call 928-862-4400.

Facilitated by  Natalie Eve Marquis, CH, RMT

Natalie Eve Marquis, RMT, CH is a heart-centered healer, teacher, and the founder of the Reiki Release® Emotional Healing Method, a powerful process that pinpoints and releases the root cause of emotional wounds and negative beliefs.

She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, certified consulting hypnotist, Advanced Integrated Energy (IET) practitioner, and a highly empathic and clairvoyant intuitive reader. She teaches all levels of Reiki certification both online and in person and provides a variety of fun and informative workshops on intuition development, past life healing, symbology and more.

Natalie’s considerable volunteer work has earned her numerous awards, including the Women in Business Champion award by the US Small Business Administration and the Woman of the Year Award from the Greater Haverhill YWCA.

With a notable track record for overcoming adversity; taking bold leaps and embracing life’s gifts, Natalie now uses her intuitive abilities, metaphysical training, and life experience to help seekers connect to their own inner wisdom, passion and purpose.

You can work with Natalie in person or by phone/Zoom from anywhere in the world. Call 928-862-4400 to schedule a session.