Dance in the Light 1.0 – Intuitive Development Retreat
Come play with your intuitive, mystical side!

May 16-18, 2018


  • Are you empathic? Psychic?
  • Would you like to develop your intuition?
  • Are you ready to play with energy and learn how to channel it?
  • Would you like to meet your spirit guides?
  • Have you ever seen, heard or felt something unexplainable?
  • Would you like to understand these phenomena?

We all have the ability to play in the mystical world – we just weren’t encouraged or taught to play in that realm. The time has come for light-workers to find their True path, to empower themselves and others. If you have always wanted to develop your psychic abilities, meet your spirit guides and play with energy, Dance in the Light is the retreat for you!

For eons we have lived happily with our five senses, now we are becoming multisensory beings. As Gary Zukav says in Spiritual Partnership, “This second system (multisensory system) detects wisdom and compassion, intelligence and design, purpose and existence that are not physical. Its perceptions do not replace the familiar perceptions of the five senses, but they give them a new dimension something like color gives a new dimension to black and white images, but they provide much more than that.”

With the shifts that are happening we are being called to develop our psychic and energetic gifts. As we evolve it is imperative that we learn to use all our gifts! It is time for you to learn to play in this new multisensory dimension. At Dance in the Light you will learn to use your intuition, that connection with your higher self, to make great choices, trusting it to show you the right way. You will learn to go within and listen to the still small voice…the voice that never leads you wrong.

Many of you (empaths) already know things about people that you can’t explain, whether they’re happy or sad, angry or peaceful, without any physical evidence of these feelings. You may already be experiencing visions or voices in meditation or you may be seeing spirits. You may be receiving visits from loved ones that have crossed over to the spiritual plane, or you may be helping spirits pass over to the light, and this may scare you!

There is nothing to be afraid of, you are becoming multisensory, this is your gift, it’s time to use it! At Dance in the Light you will learn how to channel these gifts, how to step into your power, how to connect with your spirit guides, how to discern between good and not so good spirits, when and how to protect yourself. Many of you have asked how to develop your gifts, how to connect with your Spirit Guides, how to trust the “voice/s”. You are ready to play big, to step into your truth, to Dance in the Light! Please join us, BakeR and Mamacita (my spirit guide) for an enlightening, empowering and uplifting weekend. 


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Sedona Accommodations & Rates

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Features: Shared Bath, Ocean Views, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, Full Size Bed

From $1350.00 / Per person

Features: Private Bath, Ocean Views, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, Queen Size Bed

FROM $1850.00 / Per Person

Features: Private Bath, Ocean Views, Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, King Size Bed

FROM $1750.00 / Per Person


Prepare for your workshop

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