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Rachel Polen

Rachel Polen has devoted almost her entire adult life to the Healing Professions and the Creative Arts. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher/Meditation, and Life Coach for almost 20 years. Rachel has serviced many different settings and populations including: exclusive spas, healing wellness centers, mental health facilities, senior care, children’s programs, and prisons. You can expect a full body massage with Rachel to be personalized, nurturing, and integrative, including such modalities as: Swedish, Reflexology, Tai Yoga, Lomi Lomi, and Energy healing. She has found that Massage and Yoga Therapy is a most natural and beneficial hybrid to complete well being.

Rachel has expanded her healing practice with her passion for the creative arts in providing workshops in improvisational acting, storytelling, and writing. These workshops have the simple power to heal our own limited stories we tell ourselves with the joy and love of discovery.

Rachel had a successful private practice in New York. She now lives in beautiful Sedona, AZ, and is available for private or small group sessions

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Rachel is a gifted massage therapist and healer. She is highly professional, knowledgeable, and a delight to work with.  She kept my body so whole in tune out of pain, I was able to experience the deeper effects of her touch. She is one of my first stops when I pass through the city for numerous years. Rachel is also a wonderful person and the best hands and soul in New York City.
— Mathew O’Sullivan, NY
I have experienced many professional forms of bodywork being an experienced Chiropractor for numerous years. I can sincerely share that Rachel’s massage has been one of the best. I’ve never quite experienced the energy of deep strength and loving gentleness all in the same touch that she possesses.  I absolutely recommend her to all my patients.
— Dr. Jeanette Honig, NY
Rachel is extremely skilled, ethical, and a great listener at attending to my immediate symptoms or concerns. She does no harm, and I think she treats you as a whole from the source, rather than just the symptoms. The Yoga therapy felt so supportive and fluid to easily transition right into a Massage. There is no better gift in the world than to feel completely cared for. I highly recommend her. 
— Karen Russo, NY
Rachel came to my home because I had sciatica, and was in pain and immobile for a long time.  We worked together two times a week.  She is very competent, kind, and patient. In a short time, I was able to trust and feel so completed and loved, I let go on a deeper level, and was healed physically, emotionally, and spiritual.  I was able to forgive and heal more from the murder of my son, which I never expected.  I just wanted relief from the body to have the strength to move on in my life. Rachel was a true instrument and angel in my life.  I’ll never forget her.
— Angela Bianchi, NY   

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