Welcome to Your Gateway to Wellness

At Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, we are devoted to holistically empowering our clients to discover and achieve their optimum wellness potential, by offering services to improve mind, body, and spirit. Our exceptional healing practitioners provide a multitude of healing services in a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment. Our practice is built on mutual respect, integrity, and love for the highest good of all. Here, we combine the power of healing energy and our practitioners’ expertise with your intention to bring wellness into your life, and to inspire miracles.


The Gateway Cottage Wellness Team includes many talented and highly trained professionals, which provide an array of services and therapies including Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Myofascial and Neuromuscular Release, Reflexology, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Medical Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, and much more! For our long distance wellness lovers, select services are available via phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

A key figure and inspiration to our team is our Director, BakeR Gendron, who adeptly guides our wellness center’s day-to-day operations and activities. In addition, BakeR provides Shamanic Reiki sessions, Spiritual Life Coaching, and facilitates powerful workshops & retreats focused on helping others discover and live to their fullest potential in their careers, families, and personal lives. BakeR’s own journey to wellness includes healing and recovery from childhood trauma and abuse, which has contributed to her compassionate ability to understand and relate to others. After studying with shaman in Peru and meeting her spirit guide Mamacita, BakeR decided to relocate to Sedona and begin focusing exclusively on facilitating healing for others. In combination with her many life experiences, she utilizes her superior intuitive abilities to facilitate healing, and to help clients make changes needed for success, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

We encourage anyone seeking to expand their spiritual, mental, and/or physical wellbeing to visit Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in person, at 470 N. Hwy 89A in uptown Sedona, or call us at (928) 325-1648. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Sedona's Rustic Elegance

The Story of Gateway Cottage Wellness Center

The story begins with Sedona's early pioneers, the Jordan families. They were well known for their community involvement and for growing fruits & vegetables that were sold to markets in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Jerome, Clarkdale, Prescott, and even nation-wide. The Walter and Ruth Jordan homestead, just north of uptown Sedona, is now the site of the Sedona Heritage Museum.

historic sedona image.jpg

George (Walter's brother) and Helen Jordan had their orchards, fruit processing barn, and sales building on the edge of uptown Sedona, just before Oak Creek Canyon. When they retired in 1958, they sold their orchards, fruit processing barn, and retail sales building. A portion of their orchards became the now defunct Hawkeye RV park. Their former fruit-processing barn is now the location of the Art Barn at the Sedona Art Center. And their Jordan Sales Building, Sedona Local Landmark #5, built with Sedona Red Rock circa 1938, has had many owners over the years.  

In 2014, this former Jordan Sales Building was purchased by the founders of Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, Gregg & Ali Ponder of Sedona. Their intention is to preserve this important part of Sedona's rich history and to offer to the community many of the therapy services that have benefited Ali in her on-going recovery from a near-fatal car collision in 1994. 

After nearly 2 years in renovations, Gateway Cottage Wellness Center opened in February 2016. The exterior is historically preserved while the interior is a combination of Jordan-era ambiance and modern upgrades.  

Every visitor's wellness journey begins the moment they enter the Wellness Center. Many comment on the beauty of the interior and how good it feels. These "good vibes" are due to a combination of the mineral and crystal energy, low EMF, 10 air-purifiers operating in the Center, and by the loving commitment and high intentions of the founders and all who work there. 

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center Gift shop .jpg

The upstairs of Gateway Cottage Wellness Center provides front-desk services and a charming retail area. The copper-faced reception counter is highlighted by a custom-made 15-foot topper of Alligator Juniper that was rescued from the 2006 Brins Mesa Fire near Sedona. The custom circular & multi-tiered shelving units are hand-made with Alligator Juniper from Mingus Mountain near Jerome. A refurbished bread rack, now display shelving, is from the mining days of Clarkdale & Jerome. The antique jewelry case is unique with an unusual curved-glass side at one end. The new wood flooring was selected to look as if George & Helen walked on it themselves. Even the upstairs restroom has the original red rock wall that was restored by a local artist.  

The downstairs, which was previously the Jordan's refrigerated fruit-storage area, has been converted into a waiting area and 5 therapy rooms with original art, and a fully handicap-accessible restroom. The two floors are connected via new stairs with a custom railing or by elevator.  

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center's Garden fountain.jpg

Outside Gateway Cottage's back door is the upper terrace. Strolling down the paved ramp, brings one to the meditation terrace complete with a calming water-feature created with a century-old local grinding stone. The lovely landscaping includes ornamental pear trees in honor of the Jordan's orchards. The parking lot is surrounded by a combination of a privacy wall and a hand-fabricated steel fence & gate crafted to appear to be from a by-gone era. The intention from day one of renovations was that everything about the Wellness Center would exude the quality of rustic elegance.

We encourage you to visit Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in person at 470 N. Hwy 89A in uptown Sedona. Our speciality at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is creating transformative, life-changing experiences.

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