Natalie Oakley, Massage Therapist

Natalie is from Vancouver, BC and after participating in a three-year program studying anatomy and physiology, she holds a diploma in Massage Therapy. She is also a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and has 20 years of experience in clinic and spa settings. In her sessions, Natalie incorporates a variety of modalities, tailored to the individual needs of her clients. She believes alternative therapies, with a focus on stimulating the parasympathetic relaxation response, are effective in decreasing stress or tension, and facilitate the healing process.

Natalie’s background includes teaching anatomy and physiology, working with pro athletes, and developing body treatments at high-end spas. She most recently worked for both the Fairmont and Sanctuary Spas in Scottsdale before relocating to Sedona.

In Natalie’s words, “There is great reward in seeing a decrease in pain or edema, and an increase in functional movement with chronic conditions or acute injuries.”

Immune and Energy Boost

60 MINUTES $177 . 90 MINUTES $233

Feeling tired, stressed out, and run down? Looking to flush out toxins and begin to restore your body’s own optimal health? Reset your immune system and de-stress! This session incorporates manual lymphatic drainage massage, Reiki, and sound therapy for the ultimate restoration and relaxation session. Press “reset” today through the rhythm of mind and body.

Services Offered by Natalie:

Massage Therapy—Deep Tissue or swedish

Research and clinical studies prove that massage therapy’s advantages include much more than just relaxation. The medicinal benefits of therapeutic massage can have a positive, lasting impact on your overall health and lifestyle. It can rid your body of every day stress, reduce muscle pain and tension, help alleviate the discomfort of certain ailments, and help restore balance to your body and mind. The Deep Tissue massage uses varying degrees of pressure to release chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscles, tendons and fascia. Swedish massage is a technique using light strokes to calm the nervous system, reducing anxiety and tension in the body. Deep Tissue or Swedish massages can be done as an individual session or combined in one session if needed or requested.

Massage w/cold, Himalayan salt, and/or hot stones

Cold Stone massage with marble can be effective for reducing excess heat or inflammation. Quartz crystals can also be used in a Cold Stone massage which are thought to be balancing and energizing. Warm Himalayan Salt Stones can be beneficial for minimizing muscle soreness and increasing circulation, while gently exfoliating the skin. Hot Stone massage relaxes muscles, as the warmth of the stones allows deeper access to the muscle layers. A massage can include one of these types of stone massages or can incorporate all three.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage involves light and rhythmic techniques for a gentle massage that increases movement of lymphatic fluid, and increases the relaxation response. The results can include decreased pain, edema, and stress, and can improve sleep quality. This massage can be effective post surgery or trauma, such as inflammation, sprains or whiplash, and is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the oncology setting.  


Cupping is a dermal vacuum technique that works at a deep level to release stagnant blood and chi. This therapy dramatically increases the microcirculation within the tissue, and is wonderful for treating stagnant energy, chronic pain, muscle tightness and spasms, trigger points, and inflammation.

Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy

This ancient therapy provides vibration and motion though to the deepest level of the body. Audible sounds have a calming effect on the central nervous system inducing the relaxation response. Vibrations cause cells to contract and expand. These vibrations travel throughout the body progressing to where they are needed most. During this session, Himalayan Singing Bowls containing warm water are placed on the body, to create a therapeutic effect using sound and vibration. Being able to feel the vibration and hear the harmonious sound results in profound relaxation. The 60-minute session is conducted with bowls only and the 90-minute session is conducted with the bowls as well as a pressure point face and scalp massage.

Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy:

  • Meditative, rebalancing, rejuvenating

  • Balances Chakras and energy body

  • Enhances the body’s self-healing response

  • Emotional release

  • Provides relief from headaches, pain, fatigue, insomnia, digestive, immune and menstrual disorders, hypertension, fibromyalgia, and arthritis

  • Harmonizes the aura

  • Eases blockages and stagnant energy

  • Contradictions: Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Those with a pacemaker or other metals in the body

Neuromuscular Release

Neuro-Muscular Therapy is a form of advanced deep tissue work, which releases holding patterns that keep us in discomfort within muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. It increases range of motion and restores the body to it’s loose and natural state. Neuromuscular Release involves long, myofascial strokes and techniques like trigger point release.

Body Treatments

A warm cocooning body wrap will melt away tension while nourishing the skin. It begins with a dry skin brushing for exfoliation, followed by a lasting hydrating application and wrap. In this restorative body treatment, you have the option of adding a soothing scalp and foot massage for deep relaxation. 

An energizing body polish will gently exfoliate, soften, and restore the skin. Hot towels are used to remove the product and a light moisture application massage will hydrate the skin. In this rejuvenating body treatment, you have the option of adding a lymphatic drainage massage to the neck, face, and scalp.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing. It is very effective for relaxation and stress reduction and also promotes healing. When you are relaxed your conscious mind or ego mind relaxes, making it much easier to transmit energy that promotes your health and well being. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the energy, almost like turning on a radio, where they channel Universal Life Force energy to you to detect and clear energy blocks.

Reiki — Crystal

Crystals amplify the healing Reiki energy, they can be placed directly on the body, in a complete grid around the body or a few may be placed in the aura around your body. And, a combination of all the above may be used. The crystal reiki practitioner must be very clear energetically to channel crystal reiki healing; it is necessary that they clear and move the ego and personality aside.

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