Natalie Eve Marquis: Heart-Centered Healer & Teacher

Natalie Eve Marquis is a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner, certified consulting hypnotist, spiritual psychic, and an empowering teacher. She is also the founder of the Reiki Release Emotional Healing Method, a powerful process that pinpoints and releases the root cause of emotional wounds and negative beliefs. Natalie offers the following services in person in Sedona or by phone/Zoom:

  • Reiki Release Emotional Healing Method

  • Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki

  • Chakra Scan and Reiki Balancing

  • Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditations

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Intuition Development Course & Coaching

  • Teaches all levels of Usui Reiki and a variety of fun and informative classes

A little bit about Natalie…

With a notable track record for overcoming adversity; taking bold leaps and embracing life’s gifts, Natalie now uses her intuitive abilities, marketing talents, metaphysical training, and life experience to help seekers connect to their own inner wisdom, passion and purpose.

Click the video to learn a little bit about Natalie’s journey to healing and becoming a healer/teacher.



Some of the Best Work I’ve Experienced

Natalie is an amazing reader. I had the emotional (reiki) release and it was by far some of the best work I've been thru. She is strong and gentle during her work. She is the real deal. I am a healer and reader my self and she is on my top list to go to after this. The price is worth it. "Even the professionals have coaches to help them be great”….” - Theresa P. Roanoke, VA


“My reiki (release) healing with Natalie was incredible. She is warm, nurturing and intuitive. She connected with me quickly and knew what my blocks were. I highly recommend her for any healing or intuition reading.” ~ D B., Santa Monica, CA

The Best In-Person Energy Healing

“This is the best in-person energy work that I had. I have had other reiki healers work on me, but nobody is better than Natalie. Like my mom would say, Natalie is the best!! She is truly gifted from the Spirit to whom she attributes all the praise. She is very humble and that is what makes her work powerful and amazing. Even though she does not claim to be a shaman, I believe she is. I loved the session with Natalie and had my two spirit animals appear to assist her as she offered me the healing. Her integration of sound therapy and crystals into her energy work is beautiful. I wish her the best of success and I know all the clients that cross her path will be truly blessed!!” - Tatiana, Kill Devil Hills, NC


“My experience with receiving a Hypnotherapy session with Natalie was outstanding.  She has an intuitive gift that she incorporates into the hypnotherapy structure that is quite effective.  The input from her deep connection with Spirit is nurturing and replaces any conditioning and negative programming.  Natalie was flexible in her approach and able to meet my needs unconditionally.  When I left the session I felt stronger and equipped with great tools to address the issue I came in with.  The fears and negative self talk I felt were impossible to resist are now gone.” - Suzanne D., AZ

Services offered by Natalie:

Reiki RElease Emotional Healing Method

90 MINUTES $233  • 60 MINUTES $166 Follow Up Sessions

The Reiki Release® Emotional Healing Method is a powerful intuitive method that facilitates the release of emotional wounds and negative beliefs. It combines the best of intuitive processes, energy healing, hypnosis, and emotional and spiritual healing techniques.

This work is ideal when you want to:

  • Stop feeling stuck or blocked

  • Let go of the heavy weight of the past

  • Live unencumbered by unresolved emotional wounds and negative beliefs

  • Release what doesn't serve you to reveal your true divine nature, and the love, peace, and strength that were there all along.

  • Gain a greater sense of self-efficacy, feel stronger and more empowered

  • Feel good again, more hopeful and optimistic

After sessions, clients report feeling tremendously “lighter” and “freer” and often notice amazing shifts in healing and perspective occurring. Aches and pains clear up. Exciting opportunities start popping up. Creativity awakens or expands. Childhood wounds are healed. Deep forgiveness occurs. And so much more.

NOTE: Natalie also offers Reiki (Individual and Couples), Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Shamanic Reiki

Chakra scan and reiki balancing

60 MINUTES $160 • 90 MINUTES $233

The word “chakra” means spinning wheels of energy. The chakras are centers of life force energy (chi) that correspond to vital points in the physical body. As the chakras spin, they vibrate with energy — balancing our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Sometimes the chakras become unbalanced. This manifests as symptoms in the mind, body and/or spirit. The goal of chakra balancing is to realign the 7 major chakra centers in order to return the natural flow of energy to the individual.

Your Chakra Scan & Reiki Balancing session begins with a discussion of your intention or goal for the session. You will lay on a massage table fully clothed. Natalie scans your chakras intuitively and with a pendulum so the client can see which chakras need balancing. Each chakra often has a "story" to tell regarding the cause of its unbalanced energy. Natalie intuits and shares this with you, and you will be guided through a process to cleanse and balance the chakras that need harmonizing (this is documented on a worksheet that you can take home). During this time Natalie also channels Reiki energy healing to each chakra. This subtle energy healing amplifies your chakra balancing intentions and encourages and enhances the body’s natural ability to effectively heal itself. She will also scan your aura and channel Reiki to any areas that need repair or balancing.

Everyone experiences a chakra balancing session differently. Most people report feeling relaxed and peaceful after a session, as well as much more centered and grounded. You will learn how to balance your own chakras and be given resources so you can continue to work with and strengthen your chakras at home.

This session with Natalie includes a complimentary copy of her Pools of Light Chakra Cleansing & Healing Guided Meditation, which has 33,000 listens and a 95% rating on the InsightTimer app.

Intuitive Readings

30 MINUTES $99 • 60 MINUTES $144 • 90 MINUTES $211

Do you need clear, accurate answers? Natalie connects with your higher self and spirit guides to bring you empowering information and insight, for your highest good and the good of all. Intuitive consultations provide insight into blocks and barriers as well as opportunities and possibilities. We all have “spiritual blind spots” to navigate, and having a guide can tremendously help us to face the unknown and embrace the miracles waiting on our path.  Should any issues come up that require deeper levels of healing, she may also do brief interactive healing work with you such as energy healing, forgiveness work, chakra cleansing, cutting cords, etc., to allow your soul’s fullest expansion.

Hypnotherapy sessions - Break Free from Limiting Beliefs

90 MINUTES $222 • 120 MINUTES $288 • 60 MINUTES follow-up $160

Limiting beliefs can seriously hold us back and keep us from living our lives to our fullest potential. These sabotaging beliefs often come from childhood and our culture; however, they also come from times when you drew a false conclusion about an experience in your life. You unknowingly assigned meaning to these events that are disempowering you. As a result your mind blocks you from taking certain actions, even though the actions may be good for you. Quite often just being aware of a limiting belief isn’t enough to transform it. In these cases Hypnosis can help you up root faulty thinking and belief patterns and install much more empowering thought systems.

How it works: After some communication to clarify the issue, Natalie guides you into a relaxed state of consciousness to access the subconscious mind. Her heightened sense of intuition and psychic abilities help hone in on core issues or concerns. The subconscious is the fertile ground to limiting beliefs as well as possibility and human potential. Natalie facilitates bringing the conscious (awake) mind and subconscious mind together to allow change to take hold and begin moving into form. This provides the client with opportunities for healing, change, transformation, and releasing blocks to their goals.

Past Life Regressions

90 MINUTES $222 

Experience a past life for healing or tap into gifts & talents from past lives. A Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly for the purpose of growth and healing. With the compassionate guidance of a hypnotherapist, you’ll explore and heal past life issues that may be impacting your current life. It’s also an opportunity to tap into strengths; talents and gifts you had in prior lives and energetically bring them forward into your current life. During this process, you’ll also receive guidance and insight from your past self and/or your spiritual guides. The past life that you “visit” is typically directly related to a current issue, challenge or question that you’re experiencing in this lifetime.

  • Understand personal relationships in a new light

  • Awaken talents and abilities from the past

  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

  • Release past life traumas at the root cause

  • Understand and align with your soul’s purpose

The overall experience is very cathartic and most experience an important shift in their personal life.

Guided Meditation

30 MINUTES $109 • 60 MINUTES $155

If you are new to meditation or even if you’ve meditated for years, guided meditation is a great way to focus on a specific issue. Guided meditation can be used to: resolve problems, release the past, set intentions for a new way of being, balance all the chakras, meet your spirit guides, call in your guides for help, increase abundance consciousness, love yourself, or simply to relax and create peace in your life.

Alchemy Ideal Life Coaching


A unique facilitated experience that will help you begin creating and attracting your ideal life. You'll discover and design a simple but potent tool to help you live with greater purpose and intention, and guide you to your best life.

Once created, your personalized tool serves as a:

  • FILTER to help you weed out those activities, people and experiences that drain your time and energy,

  • ZOOM LENS to help you focus on and say ‘Yes!” to the people, things and experiences that bring you joy.

  • MAGNET to powerfully pull you toward your ideal life.

You will be guided through exercises that will help you pinpoint the feeling states and experiences you want most. Using intuition and inspiration, you and your coach will brainstorm special words and/or symbols that accurately reflect and resonate with the energy of your intentions. And, lastly you’ll be led through a custom guided meditation (that you can take home) to help you feel and experience living a life you love. You will leave the session feeling motivated and inspired, with a simple but immensely powerful tool that will help you begin creating and attracting your best life ever!

Shamanic reiki

60 MINUTES $166 • 90 MINUTES $233

Shamanic Reiki integrates shamanic practices with the potent healing energy of Reiki. Shamanic practices are ancient techniques used to align you with earth’s energy, your higher spirit, spirit guides and animal totems for transformative healing work. Shamanic reiki practitioners can see, feel or hear blocks or negative energy which may limit you from living a full healthy life. The practitioner then uses techniques that can drive out or gently remove these blocks. They may use drumming, crystals, their breath, or they may call on spirit guides to help them. The practitioner will then fill the empty space with healing energy, such as light, color or sound. Reiki is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing. When we put these two practices together we amplify the healing power of each, allowing deeper healing at all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Shamanic reiki Immersion on the Land in Sacred sedona (for one or two people)

2.5 - 3 Hours $488 

What better place to have your healing session than in the heart of Sedona’s sacred land. Your guide for this journey is a Shamanic Reiki practitioner who has a deep love for the land, earth healing traditions and Spirit. 

Your guide will take you to one of several less traveled locations where you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the red rocks, Sedona’s sacred energy, and a Shamanic Reiki session. 

Experience the healing power of nature all around you

A Shamanic Reiki practitioner calls in the energy and spirit of the earth elements to align you with earth’s energy, your higher self, spirit guides and animal totems. Doing this work directly on and in the land, you will experience and feel the power and healing presence of nature all around you.

…The solid, supporting energy of Mother Earth directly below you.

…The warmth of the sun as we call in the Sun Spirit.

…The strength and timelessness of the mountains around you.

…The smell of juniper and rosemary on a gentle breeze.

…A raven swooping low or hummingbird hovering nearby at precisely the right moment.

Leave your stress and worries behind

Your Shamanic reiki practitioner can sense energetic imbalances which may limit you from living a full healthy life. Various shamanic techniques are then used to move and shift energy blocks and imbalances. We call on earth elements and spirit guides, and we often use drumming, crystals, and/or our breath to facilitate the healing process. Once stale, stagnant, or unhelpful energy is removed, we fill the empty space with healing energy, such as light, color or sound. 

Your session might end in a guided shamanic journey that will leave you feeling deeply connected and restored. 

NOTE: You are responsible for transportation to and from Gateway Cottage Wellness Center and the Trailhead (anywhere from 3 to 5 miles). Your practitioner will bring blankets and healing tools. Please dress for hiking, bring plenty of water and additional layers, as your body cools off significantly during this deeply relaxing session.

The Empowered Intuitive

Course & Personal Coaching Package $1,287.00

Step into Your Intuitive Power

You know you’re intuitive. You’ve received intuitive insights at various times in life. You’re comfortable with it, but you want to know how to use your intuition intentionally, and how to foster and manage it.

You are ready to become an empower intuitive if:

  • You are yearning to understand and honor your empathic, intuitive nature.

  • You want to connect deeper with your higher self and develop a personal connection with your spirit guides, angels, animal guides, and the Divine.

  • You want to discover your unique intuitive personality and how to work with it.

  • You are eager to practice weekly exercises and techniques that will help you hone your abilities.  

This 6-week mentoring program and course will focus on your personal development, how to harness your empathic, intuitive nature, and how to intentionally use your intuition, whether it is to use your abilities personally or professionally as a psychic reader or energy healer. You’ll learn how to make the most of your abilities and develop direct communication with the spirit realm. You’ll gain confidence in your abilities and come to trust the intuitive guidance and insight that you receive.

You will receive honest and enthusiastic support, as well as intuitive insight and direction from me that will happen organically through your coaching experience. I’m here to facilitate your journey to becoming an empowered intuitive!

The course and coaching development program includes:

  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions (in person or via Zoom)

  • Thirteen online videos

  • Ten guided meditation audios

  • The Eight Clair Senses: A Visual Guide to the Spiritual Psychic Senses E-Guide

  • PDFs of original and curated content and homework

  • Unlimited email and text communication for up to six months

Call (928) 325-1648 to Schedule your first coaching session with Natalie Eve Marquis.


Natalie is an amazing reader. I had the emotional release [session] and it was by far some of the best work I’ve been through. She is strong and gentle during her work. [Natalie] is the real deal. I am a healer and reader myself and she is on my top list to go to after this. The price is worth it. Even the professionals have coaches to help them be great.
— Teresa P.; Roanoke, VA
I just wanted to update you after my reiki session with you! My self awareness journey has been accelerated. I am grateful for your help. Your kindness and awareness was felt on energy levels that I can now accept. So many “stories” since meeting with you, but too much to text! I just wanted to let you know how grateful and happy our meeting has meant to me. With much love....Thank you.
— R. Kolodziej
Thank you for making me feel safe and secure. Wow. As you may have suspected what we encountered has been in there for over 40 years or so. Thanks to your gentle guidance and process, I feel like a huge weight has lifted!
— Cindy; Kitty Hawk, NC
I wanted to thank you again for the past life session last weekend. I called my mom and told her everything and she was amazed like I was but also was able to make sense of a lot. Why I feel/think/like the things I do now in this lifetime. Lots of connections. It is helping me with my healing and also giving me strength in ways I didn’t know I had. Ilona had recommended I do that session with you and I’m so glad that I did.
— Val Moore; Kitty Hawk, NC
Wow I don’t know how to express my thanks. Everything resonated with me and I am just very thankful for your help. What an amazing experience. Thanks again and take care!!
— - A.L.; Georgia 
I was brought back to a life time which involved my son and my mother who’s cicumstances were similar to this life time with my mother and son. I was abandoned by my mother in both this life and the past life and my son felt abandoned in both life times as well. Natalie helped me to be released from the pain and regret. I now feel free, which is what I hoped for in doing in the past life regression. I would highly recomend her services. She has a heart for healing and brings the love of the creater into her sessions.
— Renee Wine; AZ

More About Natalie Eve Marquis, RMT, CH 


A spiritual transformation in 2013 inspired Natalie to embrace her intuitive and healing abilities. Prior to this, she spent over thirty years as a successful marketing and design consultant and earned numerous awards for her volunteer work, including the Woman of the Year Award and a Women in Business Champion award by the US Small Business Administration.

Despite recognition and a successful marketing career, Natalie is most proud of her healing journey. She overcame an eight-year battle with panic and anxiety attacks, food addiction (maintaining a 100lb weight loss), and the loss of a 29-year marriage. As a result, she has a deep conviction in the guidance of a loving universe and believes that within every challenge lies a blessing that can lead us to our highest potential.

Natalie’s gift is diving deep below the surface to help her clients lovingly bring their own unhealed wounds into the light for healing. 

“Although we sometimes feel lost, defective, broken, or not good enough, the truth is — we are not really broken! We were born into this world with everything we need to thrive. My mission is help you remember who you truly are at a soul level, to reveal your true divine nature, and to bring forth the beauty and strength that were there all along.” - Natalie

With a notable track record for overcoming adversity; taking bold leaps and embracing life’s gifts, Natalie enjoys using her intuitive abilities, metaphysical training, and life experience to help seekers connect to their own inner wisdom, passion and purpose.

She regularly teaches and facilitates a variety of fun and informative classes in Sedona, the Outer Banks, NC and New England, including:

  • Reiki Level I and II Certification Training - 2 days

  • Reiki A.R.T. and Master Teacher Certification Training - 3 days

  • Reiki Release Emotional Healing Method – Set Yourself Free - 2 days

  • Intuition Primer: Your Magical Inner Compass – 2-hours

  • Intuition Playdates – 2-hours, typical 4 consecutive evenings

  • Past Life Playshop – a day of past life exploration, insight and healing – 1 day

  • Soul Signs: A creative intuitive art journey to uncover the messages from your soul – 1 day

  • Meet Your Angel Intuitive Art Workshop - 1 day

  • Meet Your Animal Totem Intuitive Art Workshop - 1 day

To Schedule a Session or for information:

To Schedule a session with Natalie click the button below or call (928) 325-1648 we will be happy to assist you.