Guided Meditation

60 MINUTES $155

Discover the Many Benefits of Guided Meditation
If you are new to meditation or even if you’ve meditated for years guided meditation is a great way to focus on a specific issue. Guided meditation can be used to: resolve problems, release the past, set intentions for a new way of being, balance all the chakras, meet your spirit guides, call in your guides for help, increase abundance consciousness, love yourself, or simply to relax and create peace in your life.

You can also combine guided meditations with a Spiritual Intuitive Reading to get to the root cause of any issues.
Meditation and an intuitive reading are very powerful allies on your healing path.

Think about what you want to achieve and BakeR will create it, a custom meditation just for you!

Practitioners: BakeR Gendron,


60-90MINUTES $222

Hypnotherapy helps us access the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mind, where we can do powerful work to locate and release erroneous or limiting beliefs, negative habits and emotions, that are not in alignment with your conscious goals and that no longer serve you. The overall goal of hypnotherapy is to get all three of your minds working together in a high powered partnership.
Practitioner: Melissa Kim Corter

Medical Intuitive

60 MINUTES $160 • 90 MINUTES $240

A Medical Intuitive Reading provides clear and detailed information on physical, dietary, mental and emotional issues.
The goal is to discover the root cause and offer detailed solutions for deep and long-term healing.
Practitioner: Wanda ZumMallen

Soul Retrieval

60-90 MINUTES $222

When we experience trauma in our lives, no matter how subtle or severe, part of our Soul essence can separate from us in order to escape experiencing the emotional pain of what we have gone through. When this happens we can feel ungrounded and find that we are not fully engaged in life. Melissa's Soul Retrieval process combines modern day psychology, shamanism, and hypnotherapy to help reclaim a piece of the individual that became fragmented during a trauma, intense event, or challenging moment in time. Soul loss is the result of a heightened state of fear, panic, or even uncertainty in which a part of us decided it was not safe to be in the body or perhaps to reconcile an event at the mental level. Melissa guides you on a journey to reclaim this hidden or lost part of you. Some of the common symptoms of "soul loss" are:

  • Not feeling the same after something has occurred

  • Not able to be present or handle emotion well

  • Chronic depression

  • Suicidal tendencies

  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome

  • Immune deficiency problems

  • Inconsolable grief

  • Addictions

  • A constant feeling that "something is missing"

Practitioner: Melissa Kim Corter

Spiritual Life Coaching

60 MINUTES $155 • 90 MINUTES $233

Spiritual Life Coaching enables you to put Spirit in Action!. Spiritual Life Coaching helps you determine and implement your life purpose, integrating mind, body and spirit to maintain balance and create the life you desire. Through asking you thought-provoking questions I will help you dig deep to uncover any blocks to your success.  As you tell me your “story” I will reflect back your thoughts and feelings and offer different perspectives. Together we will define your action plan, and I will hold you accountable to your commitments.  I will challenge you to stretch and grow, to accomplish all that you choose. Spirit aligns with us when we are being clear and authentic, when we are expressing our true desires and striving to live in our magnificence.  Spirit expects nothing more than for us to come from Love and Live Joyously!
Practitioner: BakeR Gendron 


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