Karen Durham

Shamanic Astrology

Karen has a lifelong curiosity about and commitment to intuition, creative/emotional processing, and conveying truths of past, present and potential. After earning a B.A. in Literature and living in several metropolitan cities in the U.S., she spent five years living all over Asia, including studying with experts in Bali, the Philippines, India and Thailand in realms of astrology, contact improv dance, asana, performance poetry and silent meditation. Karen is a vivacious communicator and truth-pursuer who adores journeys of self-inquiry and examining how the planets co-inform our inner lives.


services offered by karen:

Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology examines the entirety of the soul continuum, beginning with past life exploration (represented by the Moon placement) and how that informs current life intent (represented by the Ascendant placement). Woven into each session are analyses of soul purpose, relationship axis, communication styles and dynamic planetary influences. For the session, it is best for the client to know their birth time, although a session may be held without providing this detail.

praise for karen

“My session with Karen was extremely thoughtful, opening, and clarifying. She brought to light patterns and truths that I had been living, but had been unsure why or how they came to be. Her insights also facilitated and guided my internal growth and reflection in a way that has consistently resonated with how I interact with my self and within the world.”

-Asha C., Boston, MA

“Karen's deep understanding of the relevance and symbolism of a person's chart as a network of becoming makes her readings uniquely resounding. Days and weeks after readings I have experienced breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. She offers chart readings as well as synergistic readings which delve into relationships and what our pairings reflect about our own nature. This area I especially recommend for anyone looking for insight on the roles you may be taking with the ones you love, how they interplay with you and how your love has played out over past lifetimes.”

-Rosalie W., Seattle, WA

“I came out of my reading feeling like I made so much more sense to myself and I am excited to integrate the new insights I received into my life! I have had a few sessions with her now and every time we go deeper! Shamanic astrology is doOoope. I have learned a lot about my creativity, the importance of collaboration for my spiritual evolution, and what my chart says about my love life.”

-Savannah H., Thailand

“Karen's frequency of guidance is one I identify with my higher self, my soul guides, my greater purpose. Hers is a unique blend of astrological pedagogy and earthbound maternal wisdom–each of the stars, each of the heart.

“Karen's guidance emanates from an expansive space of non-dual love, but is delivered with the fine-tuned exactitude of a modern zodiac-scholar. Her greatest gift, I'd humbly submit, is perhaps her keen attunement. Karen's brilliance flows outward like a river from there.

“No one has been able to guide me to a greater understanding of my Aquarian/Scorpionic chart than she has. This information has contributed tremendously to my current stage of self-knowledge. Karen has lifted the veil on parts of myself which before I considered mysteries. I can only guess that others will have a similar experience, even if they merely hover at the penumbra of her star-nurtured light. “

-Julian M., Chiang Mai, Thailand

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