Heal And Transform Your Mind Body and Spirit

Welcome to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in Sedona, At Gateway Cottage Wellness Center we are devoted to empowering our clients to discover and achieve their complete wellness potential: mind, body and spirit. We offer exceptional and dedicated healing practitioners, in a beautiful, safe and loving environment. Our practice is built on mutual respect, love, integrity and success for all. At Gateway Cottage Wellness Center we believe the power of healing energy combined with your openness to integrating wellness in every aspect of your life, creates inspired miracles. Let us help you discover & achieve complete wellness. 

Body-Mind-Spirit-Sedona, Step into our world and let us share with you alternative therapies: whether it’s a past life healing to remove blocks in your life, hypnotherapy to help with weight loss or to stop smoking, a relaxing/healing massage or reflexology, crystal or drumming Reiki session for emotional freedom, or a numerology session to map out your coming year, we are here for you. Please allow our staff to help you create the wellness menu that is best for you. We also offer a wide variety of unique personalized Sedona retreats and workshops to help you discover & achieve complete wellness, deep healing and spiritual awakening. 
Workshops, Seminars and Ceremonies are led by local spiritual teachers as well as Master Teachers and Shamans from around the world.
Our speciality at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is creating transformative, life-changing experiences.

Let Us Help You, Discover & Achieve Complete Wellness