Erika Seidel: Intuitive Reader, Vocal Channel, and Multidimensional Healer

Erika is able to help people access the divine knowledge and loving guidance that surrounds them. Her greatest gift is what she calls to be “Intuitive Guidance.” Erika is able to freely communicate with the Angelical Spectrum, Spirit Guides, and loved ones that have crossed over (both human friends and family as well as our beloved animals).


By helping people to connect with the energies of their own Higher Selves, their Spirit Guides, Angels, and past experience, a loving space is created for individuals to release old emotional blocks as well as traumas. A lot of us spend time searching for the answers to life’s greatest questions, and it can be such a joyful experience to discover that these answers have always been within us.

Services Offered by Erika:

Intuitive Readings

In a session, your Spirit Guides will show Erika the Highest Possible Outcome for you. In other words, this means that your guides will reveal what is most likely to happen if things continue on their current path. Along side that, is the idea that Humans have free will and nothing in the Universe is written in stone. There are infinite possibilities available to all of us. Erika will be shown the ones that have the most Light and likelihood around them. In addition, bring as many questions as you wish! It helps direct the reading.

Channelled Readings with Erika’s Spirit Teacher, Shamalia

During a channelled reading, Erika will relax herself into a meditative space, sharing space with her Spirit Teacher, Shamalia. Shamalia, will then, come through to be with you. Whether you are looking for love, growth, or a friend to talk to, Shamalia will be there to guide you, to honor you, and to love you through it all. Sometimes, Shamalia may wish to talk to you about your growth while leading you into a meditative space while other times, Shamalia may wish to just be with you.

Channelled Healings

During a channelled healing, Erika will relax herself into a meditative-like space, sharing space with her Spirit Teacher, Shamalia. Shamalia, will then, come through to be with you. Shamalia will work with you, hand in hand, to guide you and assist you throughout a healing journey. Every session is filled with immense amounts of magic and love.

Energy & Chakra Balancing

It can be really easy for our energy to fall off-balance or to become fogged. During an Energy Balancing Session, Erika will work on your energetic body for transformation, returning your physical, emotional, and mental body to a state of wellness. She will also work to align, expand, and connect your chakras to the cosmos.

Who is Shamalia?

“Shamalia is the unseen friend that I have the pleasure of communing with throughout my spiritual work. She is unseen, of course, but she is still very real and very present in my world, and hopefully, in yours. Shamalia explains herself as a “Moment of Consciousness that sits in the matrimony of love for all to see,” but more than that, she explains herself as our friend, our guide, our companion, and even our brother and sister. More specifically, Shamalia is a reflection of love. As we come and journey here on Earth as human beings, we have spirit guides and friends that watch over us and assist us throughout our journey and as we awaken to the vastness of our own selves, we have the pleasure of communing with our spirit guides and creating relationships with them. Shamalia is one of those guides, but she is much more than just a spirit guide. From a personal level, I like to think of Shamalia as a close friend who guides, loves, and teaches, while being in a non-physical form. She wishes to connect with anyone and everyone that is open to receiving her love.” - Erika Seidel

About Erika

My name is Erika Seidel. I grew up in Southern California as an identical twin, and I am still an identical twin. It is one of the absolute best parts about me, so I am more than grateful that my genetics get to stay intertwined in my DNA. From the outside, I would have to say that my life looked beautiful as a kid, because it was beautiful, and I had a lot to be grateful for. I lived in a great area, had oodles of friends, and my family was a rock star family. Everything about my life fit the imaged standard for normalcy with popularity, but that blessing turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.


As children, we all have needs. From craving our favorite juice box in the early morning to receiving bedtime stories and kisses at night, we all have a dream for life and that dream stems from what we truly desire, which – in one way or another – is to be loved. As a child, the form of love that I desired was assistance and comfort through uncomfortable spirit visions and illness. My family did the best they could to love me and support me, but, ultimately, my early childhood spiritual awakening led to fear, repression, and illness because – well, my thoughts lead to my decisions and my decisions created my reality. So, illness decided to come into my life to teach me a few things starting from a young age and becoming one of my closest friends in 2014. This is when I was diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune disease that was similar to Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


This disease transformed my life and my spirit, and my deeper spiritual awakening took place. Illness guided me to many different healers and shamans, and eventually, it pushed me to jump across the world to countries like Costa Rica, Bali, Peru, and even Vietnam. Sacred medicine started visiting me through recommendations from some of my greatest teachers, and days later, I found myself sitting in ceremony. Finally, my collection of knowledge was put to practice and my illness began to purge. My higher self worked diligently to shine a light on who I am through every individual that crossed my path, and my greatest teachers started to appear. Through the trials and triumphs of my own journey, I was able to meet the vastness of myself, which led to the beginning of my deeper relationship with Shamalia, the unseen friend that I have the pleasure of channeling.  


Through my awakening, I was able to finally crawl out of my cave of demise and now, I am here and illness isn’t tapping on my shoulder apart from the few moments where it’s really craving my love and attention. Through every teacher I have learned from, I have realized the greatest teacher there ever was, was me and now, I get to be the healer and individual I was always destined to be. It is my greatest joy to be able to be here and show you and the world what was always inside of me.


Through my healing work, I now love to inspire others to find the healer within, so they may align, grow, and heal throughout their lives while enjoying every moment. Whether I am writing and channeling, recording for my podcast, or finding healing tools for my educational platform, I am always searching to help people find their truth, so they may live their life as their truest and authentic self that is filled with endless joy and love.  


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