Diane Behling, LMT, Sound Healer, Reiki w/Sound healing

At age 12, Diane was inspired to explore the healing arts and all things metaphysical after reading a book of remedies by Edgar Cayce. Her passion led her to complete a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University, and later to become a licensed massage therapist through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Additionally, she completed Usui Reiki Master training, and was ordained as a minister through The Foundation of Christ Consciousness. Her interest in the use of sound and her voice to heal the body led her to study sound healing with Johnathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon, and Wayne Perry, among others.

When she’s not out singing in the red rocks or by the creek, Diane is always learning more about the use of touch, sound, and dialogue in working with trauma resolution and for healing. Currently, Diane is enrolled as a practitioner-in-training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing program. She is thrilled to offer her services as a member of the Gateway Cottage Wellness Team!

services offered by diane:

Reiki with Sound Healing

The energetic systems of our being can be likened to an orchestra; when one falls out of tune, the music of our daily experience can seem off. Sound, through its physical vibration, directly acts upon these systems, bringing balance and freeing one’s internal resources to be used according to your body’s innate wisdom.

Reiki Sound Healing combines the restorative properties of Reiki healing with the power of harmonic overtone singing, and other vocal techniques, to raise the frequency of your energy field. This leads to a sense of deep peace, improved well-being, and expansion. With voice, heart, and hands, Diane acts as a bridge to the higher dimensions, bringing through the healing frequencies that your body and soul requests, calling you back into alignment with your true nature. Clients in a session with Diane can look forward to an amazing journey of consciousness!

Restorative Touch

“Experience a deeply nourishing and revitalizing neck and back session, combining reiki with very slow, gentle massage strokes as Diane is guided by your body’s wisdom. Inspired by a vision, this healing session is especially beneficial for those desiring more nurturing touch in their lives or wanting a safe, connected touch experience to help restore somatic (body) awareness after trauma.”

Somatic Experiencing-TM

“Somatic ExperiencingTM is a gentle yet powerful way of facilitating balance in the nervous system after stressful or overwhelming experience. Working with body sensation and awareness in a dialoguing process, we allow excess energy in the nervous system to be gradually discharged without re-traumatization. The nervous system then has an opportunity to regain its natural flexibility and resilience. Memories of events may arise spontaneously but are not required to receive benefit. Packages are available as multiple sessions allow for increased integration over time.”

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Praise for Diane

It has been my pleasure to experience Diane’s wonderful vocal sounds which transmit powerful love and light. She does indeed channel the angelic realms!
— Jonathan Goldman – author Healing Sounds, Shifting Frequency
Diane’s singing transported me to an altered state of consciousness. I could feel the vibration of her voice penetrate my body and resonate down to the cellular level and up to the spiritual heights of my being. Her healing tones made me laugh, made me cry, made me grateful to receive her gift in its fullness.
— Valerie, Corvallis, MT
From the moment she begins, you feel encapsulated by Divine Love. I have felt sensations, seen colors, and had visions of past lives and of other loving beings in the room helping with the sessions. She has been guided to work on areas of my body without me telling her those places needed work. I especially feel that she has helped me with my menstrual cramps and has helped to bring that area of my body back into a harmonic balance. I believe that she goes to a deep cellular memory within the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies to help get to the bottom of issues.
— Michelle, Ireland

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