Dance in the Light 1.0 & 2.0
Intuitive Development Retreat in Sedona, AZ
Come play with your intuitive, mystical side!

Date: December 10 - 13, 2019

  • Are you empathic? Psychic?

  • Would you like to develop your intuition?

  • Are you ready to play with energy and learn how to channel it?

  • Would you like to meet your spirit guides?

  • Have you ever seen, heard or felt something unexplainable?

  • Would you like to understand these phenomena?

We all have the ability to play in the mystical world – we just weren’t encouraged or taught to play in that realm. The time has come for light-workers to find their True path, to empower themselves and others. If you have always wanted to develop your psychic abilities, meet your spirit guides and play with energy, Dance in the Light is the retreat for you!

For eons we have lived happily with our five senses, now we are becoming multisensory beings. As Gary Zukav says in Spiritual Partnership, “This second system (multisensory system) detects wisdom and compassion, intelligence and design, purpose and existence that are not physical. Its perceptions do not replace the familiar perceptions of the five senses, but they give them a new dimension something like color gives a new dimension to black and white images, but they provide much more than that.”

With the shifts that are happening we are being called to develop our psychic and energetic gifts. As we evolve it is imperative that we learn to use all our gifts! It is time for you to learn to play in this new multisensory dimension. At Dance in the Light you will learn to use your intuition, that connection with your higher self, to make great choices, trusting it to show you the right way. You will learn to go within and listen to the still small voice…the voice that never leads you wrong.

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Many of you (empaths) already know things about people that you can’t explain, whether they’re happy or sad, angry or peaceful, without any physical evidence of these feelings. You may already be experiencing visions or voices in meditation or you may be seeing spirits. You may be receiving visits from loved ones that have crossed over to the spiritual plane, or you may be helping spirits pass over to the light, and this may scare you!

There is nothing to be afraid of, you are becoming multisensory, this is your gift, it’s time to use it! At Dance in the Light you will learn how to channel these gifts, how to step into your power, how to connect with your spirit guides, how to discern between good and not so good spirits, when and how to protect yourself. Many of you have asked how to develop your gifts, how to connect with your Spirit Guides, how to trust the “voice/s”. You are ready to play big, to step into your truth, to Dance in the Light! Please join us, BakeR and Mamacita (my spirit guide) for an enlightening, empowering and uplifting weekend. 

We will experience all of the following and more: 

  • Preparing sacred space

  • Saging/Cleansing Space

  • Creating sacred ceremonies

  • Animal Totems

  • Group readings

  • Meet your spirit guides and angels

  • Inviting Spirits to work with you

  • Releasing blocks from past lives

  • Contacting your loved ones in Spirit World

  • Automatic writing

  • Drumming

  • Energy Work

  • Using crystals to enhance your gifts

  • Experience one of Sedona’s most powerful vortex sites

  • Working with Vortex Energy

  • Finding your own vortex site

  • Cutting cords

  • Protective Shields

  • Releasing negative spirits

  • Guided Meditations

We’ll Dance in the Light and have fun!  BakeR

Join BakeR and Mamacita at:
Dance in the Light 1.0 & 2.0 – Intuitive Development Retreat

Date: December 10 - 13, 2019

Retreat Fee:  $888.00, room and meals are additional.

Location: Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. HWY 89A, Sedona AZ 86336 (between the Sedona Art Center & La Petite Motel in Uptown, Sedona)

Purchase: Dance in the Light 1.0
Deposit: Dance in the Light 1.0

Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees.
A deposit of $444.00 holds your space, balance due by November 26, 2019
Please call 928-325-1648 or email if you prefer to give us your credit card.
OR mail a check to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. SR 89A , Sedona, AZ  86336

Who Should Attend?

Open to all, no experience necessary, bring your hiking shoes! You have just begun playing with energy and the spirit world. You are open to receiving all the gifts spirit brings, embracing your intuition, working with spirit guides, animal totems and crystals. You are capable of a short, easy hike and enjoy the outdoors.


Your retreat days will be spent at the fun and beautiful ,Sedona Arts Center, South Studio, 15 Art Barn Road, conveniently located on the edge of Uptown Sedona right next door to Gateway Cottage. The Best Western Plus and La Petite Sedona are within a block’s walking distance, several other hotels within a few blocks. Click here for Sedona accommodations information.

Registration & Payment

The retreat fee is $888. Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees. A deposit of $444.00 holds your space, the remaining balance of $444.00 is due by November 26, 2019.

Pay by Check:

Mail a check to:  Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, P.O. Box 1967, Sedona, Arizona 86336

Pay by PayPal or Credit Card

A deposit of $444.00 holds your space, the remaining balance due of $444 is due by November 26, 2019.

If you are a psychic, healer, energy worker, etc. you may be able to deduct the costs of the retreat, please contact your accountant for verification.

Details will be sent regarding travel, what to bring and more about what to expect after you register. My retreats are limited to small groups, maximum 12 people so please book early to reserve your space.  

Love and blessings!  BakeR

BakeR Gendron

BakeR Gendron

BakeR Gendron is a fun and inspirational spiritual leader and coach. She has empowered groups and individuals to realize their full potential by stepping through known and unknown barriers. By utilizing spiritual principles with a shamanic twist, she enables you to mold all facets of your life bringing the mind, body, soul connection that you are seeking. BakeR blends her desire to share deep, introspective work with her passion for the outdoors and nature in her retreats. 

She is an intuitive, channeling Mamacita a wise Peruvian Spirit Guide, Clairaudient & Clairsentient, Spiritual Life Coach, a Medium, and a Shamanic Reiki teacher/practitioner. BakeR studied with Peruvian Shamans, Maestro Banco Ayahuasquero – Don Rober Acho Jarama and Maestro Huachumero – Don Howard Lawler, in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes Mountains.

BakeR is past vice president and member of the Sedona Metaphysical and Spiritual Association and adheres to their professional ethics and practices. She is a 2012 graduate of the Red Rock Ranger District’s Outfitter/Guide Training, is a Master Prosperity Teacher, graduate of the SAAR Leadership Program, a Firewalker and is First Aid/CPR trained.

As a Religious Science Practitioner for over thirteen years she taught many spiritual classes including Self Mastery, Principles of Financial Freedom, Roots of Science of Mind, Spiritual Principles, Science of Mind Foundational and Mysticism. Her work is based on Religious Science Principles with a Shamanic twist.

BakeR’s vision is to empower others to find their Inner Truth, to claim that voice and live a full, rich, joyous life! For more about BakeR click here


Hear why Vickie wanted to take Dance in the Light 1.0 with BakeR!

“What an amazing retreat! I have been to other retreats and networking events of like minded and open hearted light workers, but never with the degree of learning and sharing that occurred in Dance in the Light. I saw so many women grow, change, understand and become more enlightened in a short period of time. A fabulous group of awe inspiring women led by a loving, kind soul, BakeR. BakeR is a wonderful healer, teacher and friend. I highly recommend not only her retreats but her readings and sharing. Bravo BakeR!”
Patricia Siroky, Scottsdale, AZ

“BakeR has helped me unlock the sacred spiritual gifts I always knew I had but never knew how to embrace. Her retreat opened my consciousness to a new level and has led me into following a path of healing and deeper spiritual communication for myself and others, helping me further to awaken into my divine soul purpose! Thank you.” 
Camille Craft, Sebastopol, CA

“Dearest BakeR, I came to this retreat fighting an undertow that almost kept me from coming. I didn’t want to bring anybody down. I left the retreat amazed at the transformation that occurred not only within myself, but with every single one of the twelve other women who participated in the Dance in the Light Retreat. I left full of Light and Gratitude; knowing that I came into this life with Great Gifts to share with the world. In love and light,” 
Cindy Williams Adams, Stockton, CA

Retreat Cancellation Policy:

If you should have to cancel unexpectedly here are our terms: Your deposit is fully refundable less a 20% cancellation fee if you cancel in writing at least 21days before the retreat. After that date, there are absolutely no refunds. BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC reserve the right to cancel programs, retreats and workshops in the event of natural disasters, inclement weather, a facilitator’s illness or death, damage to the venue, inadequate enrollment.  We will give provide notice by email as soon as possible.  

However, BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC  are unable to refund any transportation, flight, lodging or other incidental expenses incurred. It is suggested you obtain travel insurance. You can review insurance plans here:

And there are many others, just Google trip insurance.