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Cynthia Beck— Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Intuitive

A gifted communicator, Cynthia Beck, MH helps clients make wanted changes in a safe and healing atmosphere. She uses integrated hypnotherapy techniques such as guided imagery; progressive relaxation and positive suggestions to help clients in reach emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Above all, she teaches clients techniques they can use for a lifetime, so they do not become therapist dependent. Cynthia’s approach is caring, innovative and practical.

Cynthia is a life-long empath and sensitive. Many years of meditation and study have given her the ability to accurately sense energy blocks and clear them with a range of  Reiki techniques. Her intuitive skills make her a powerful medium and psychic. 

Cynthia’s the Real Deal.

Services include:

Traditional Hypnosis

Interactive  Hypnotherapy

Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Energy Work

Intuitive Chakra Mapping and Clearing

Intuitive/Psychic Readings

Evidential Mediumship

Meditation Instruction

Sacred Walking Meditation Rituals on the Land
Couples Communication Skills/Talking Stick


Traditional Hypnosis $222 per session  60-90 minutes

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of relaxation combined with very focused concentration. In some ways, hypnosis is similar to sleep. There is a narrowing of attention accompanied by tranquility and inertia. Unlike sleep, patients never lose awareness and are conscious of what is being said. Post hypnotic suggestions are positive behaviors the client acts on easily after hypnosis, such as confidence, weight loss, healthy eating and others. Perfect for:

  • Pain Management
  • Deep Sleep
  • Sugar Addictions
  • Building Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Weight Loss

-   And more

Interactive Hypnotherapy $222 per session 60-90 min

Unlike traditional directive hypnosis, in interactive hypnotherapy, the client encounters answers from their own subconscious. Images are not defined for them, but allowed to emerge with personal symbolism and meaning. Interactive trance allows a conversation during hypnosis that enhances the clients spiritual experience creating deep and lasting change.

Type of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy sessions include:

  • Spiritual Connection-meeting the Divine
  • Shamanic journeys-power animals etc.
  • Garden of Serenity-finding a safe place
  • Releasing past lives
  • Experiencing chakra energy and clearing
  • Enhancing prayer/meditation
  • Encountering loved ones who have crossed
  • Inner child healing
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Finding limiting beliefs
  • Accessing trusted source/inner wisdom
  • Discerning life’s purpose
  • Negotiating life’s transitions
  • Forgiving self and others
  • Integrating sub-personalities
  • Releasing grief
  • Future Life Progression

Helpful, directive hypnotic suggestions are added to every session to integrate the experience and facilitate behavioral changes. 

Each session is accompanied by an audio recording at no extra charge. 

Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Energy Work  $166  60 minutes

Cynthia is a Master Shamanic Reiki practitioner and combines the best of energy healing, crystal healing and metaphorical hypnosis. Cynthia is a Master Reiki practitioner and combines the best of energy healing, crystal healing and metaphorical hypnosis. Her sensitivity to energy allows her to feel disturbances or blocks in your aura, chakras and physiology. Reiki provides physical relaxation and energetic healing, clearing and cleansing of the body’s energy centers to provide optimum energetic flow.

Shamanic Reiki includes:


The flowing of universal life force energy into the body by light touch. The Reiki practitioner detects blocks to energy flow, and directs energy to areas where it is needed. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the body, balances the energy centers and restores physical and emotional well-being.

Energy Restoring and Protection Meditation/Instruction

- Release other’s energy from your energetic system

- Return your energy to your system

 - Protect and build your energy

Crystal and Minerals- 

-Pendulum tests the flow of each chakra

 -Client chooses minerals/crystals for use in a grid to surround the body

-Crystals/minerals are placed on the body to restore balance

Shamanic Energy Techniques

  • Drums, rattles, cymbals for breaking energy blocks and inducing trance state
  • Interpretation of Reiki practitioner’s visions including spirit animals and guides
  • Invoking of the natural energies in the four directions
  • Feather fans to clear and clean aura energy


Intuitive Chakra Mapping and Clearing Instruction  $222 60-90 minutes

Cynthia is a skilled energetic intuitive with a unique process to help you remove emotional blocks and clear your energy so your body mind and spirit are all working optimally.  

-Intuitive reading/drawing of the current energy and life challenges in each Chakra

 1st—Stability on the planet, community and  physical body

 2nd—Relationship with abundance, creative flow and enjoyment

 3rd—Personal power, self regard and stability

 4th—Relationship to self love, divine love and 

 5th—Clear, kind communication, secrets, self-expression

 6th—Spiritual flow, balance, trust of life and the universe

-Intuitive guidance to manage life circumstances and balance the flow

-Chakra clearing instruction and meditation. 

The Chakra Mapping session ends with a 20 minute, guided meditation for you to learn to balance and clear your own energy. Each session is accompanied by an audio recording at no charge.

Intuitive/Psychic Readings  $144  60 minutes

Focusing from the spiritual perspective, an intuitive reading helps you understand aspects of your life and relationships which may be unknown to you. Options for life choices and their spiritual consequences, intentions and attitudes of people around you and life lessons are examined, providing you with new information or validation for what you already know.

Deep listening, both to you, and to intuitive information provides a safe place to look deeper at your life path and make healthy, balanced and creative choices.  

Evidential Mediumship $222  60-90 minutes

An evidential medium is gifted with the ability to interpret messages from souls who have died. Since everything is made up of energy, beings no longer in the physical are sometimes about to use that energy to communicate with a medium. An evidential medium can pass along details from loved ones on the other side, that the medium would have no earthly way of knowing to verify it is your loved one. 

Meditation and hypnosis prepare the brain to translate energy and thoughts from those on the other side. While not a “natural medium”, Cynthia has developed her skills through intention, meditation and instruction from nationally known medium, Suzzanne Guieseman.

It is recommended to wait until you have moved through the grief process for a year in order to create the best connection to your loved one. 

Meditation Instruction  $155 per 60 minutes

There are thousands of techniques for meditation and Cynthia will help you find the one that is right for you. Even if you thought you could never do it. 

Hypnosis is the practice of focusing thought. Mediation is the practice of letting go of thought.

If anyone has every said to you “Just let it go” meditation will teach you HOW to let it go.

Neurologically, when you have a negative thought, the neurotransmitters in your brain release chemicals. Those chemicals tell the next neuron that another negative thought is coming, thereby strengthening the neural pathways that automatically think in a negative way. Negativity not only becomes a habit, it becomes a natural brain function.

Meditation lets you learn to drop thought, negative or positive and find a deep calm. It reverses the neurology of negative thinking by practicing letting go of all thoughts.

And it doesn’t have to be practiced in a ritual, at a certain time of day, or for a certain length of time. Meditation can be done waiting in the doctor’s office, on a 5 minute break from work, or upon waking up. It can be practiced anytime you can close your eyes safely for 5-20 minutes.

Sacred Walking Meditation Rituals on the Land $155 per hour      

Rituals have been used by all cultures to help the subconscious mind seal rights of passage, uplift the spirit and deepen the soul. Psychologist Carl Jung called ritual and symbolism the language of the unconscious mind.

Sedona offers a unique and powerful geography to invoke the power of the earth and the energy of the vortexes to create  the opening and closing ritual for a personal and scared experience. 

Your experience will include instruction on the technique of walking meditation and the sacred meaning and background of the sacred journey you choose. 

  • Labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. They are installed in Christian churches and gardens around the world. Sedona has several beautiful labyrinths that are open to the public.
  • Medicine Wheel is a pattern of stones laid out in a circle with openings pointing to the four directions, East, West, North and South. Medicine wheels are used by North American indigenous people to invoke Great Spirit at the beginning and ending of Vision Quests and for other kinds of community healing and prayer. 
  • Stupa  is a Buddhist monument meant to stop you in your tracks. The Stupa is the oldest Buddhist religious monument. It is meant to remind you of the awakened state of mind in the present moment. Stupas are built at a crossroads and are sometimes filled with sacred symbols. Pilgrims are encouraged to engage in “walking meditation” around the Stupa. 

The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in the stunning red rock country of Sedona, is a place for meditation and spiritual renewal. Situated on 14 pristine acres at the base of imposing Thunder Mountain, the land is deemed holy by native peoples.


Couples Communication Skills/Talking Stick  $144 per hour 60 min

Physiology makes it difficult to communicate when you are frightened or upset. This session focuses on how to relax the body, express how you feel and/or what you need and ask for and give forgiveness to reach a compassionate understanding. Specific techniques for communicating are presented, along with a calming, centering meditation. 

The Native American tradition of passing the Talking Stick so that each person can speak their peace uninterrupted and be heard completes this experience.

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Cynthia Beck on EXPLORING THE HUMAN JOURNEY! Season 1 Episode 12. Cynthia Beck is a Master hypnotist and in this episode we talk about using guided imagery and progressive relaxation to help clients with their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. dave undergoes a hypnotherapy session and we talk about the things he sees while in the Theta state.

Praise for Cynthia

After just one session, I was able to stick to my diet without all of the previous problems that I was plagued with. Several months later, I am down to my weight of two years ago. My new diet is part of my life now, and I never feel deprived. I wish I had met Cynthia much earlier.
— TS
Cynthia is so much more than a hypnotherapist. She’s a spiritual teacher, healer, and friend. I learned about the subconscious messages I was sending myself that I was never aware of before.
— MM
This was such a great experience! I went in fairly troubled about something that had happened recently, and the first session we worked on that specifically. Cynthia spends a lot of time getting you to evaluate how you think about things, and how you can put a positive spin on what you might perceive as a negative situation. She gave me tools to use the following week, and it really helped me stop over-thinking. It’s kind of amazing how much a thought can weigh you down!
— AB
Wow…. all I have to say is “Wow”! Cynthia did it, and I am in shock! Not that I doubted her, I was just unsure how it would work. I’ll admit, I was thinking about smoking after our session, but I walked to my car packed up all my cigarettes, lighters and empty packs, and I threw them all away! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you! I will definitely tell my smoker friends. I’m a believer, and I cant’ wait to do more!
— AK

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