BakeR Gendron, Shamanic Reiki Master

BakeR Gendron, Shamanic Reiki Master

NEW! Mineral and Crystal Workshop
with BakeR Gendron, The Psychic Coach.

March 21-22,2019

Have you experienced the power of crystals & Minerals in your reiki practice?

Years ago, I thought crystals and minerals were pretty, sparkly, decorative items! I had always been a rock hound, dragging home pretty or unusual rocks, and if they sparkled all the better, but I didn’t imagine they could promote healing, calm me, energize me or help me study!

Until one day, when I was doing Reiki for a client, I received a clear message to place green calcite on the client’s chest. The “voice” was so clear that I obeyed, and the outcome was incredible (to hear the rest of the story, join me for this class). 

Since that day I have used crystals and minerals in my work. I am amazed at the power and strength in these beautiful specimens. In the beginning, I thought that I resonated more with certain colors, certain shapes, or raw over polished crystals. Now, I know that it can depend on the day, my mood, what the client needs, what I’m intending, what I need, or what winks at me! I have used crystals and minerals in probably hundreds of sessions since that day with varying but always powerful results. Clients often state that they can feel the energy of the minerals, sometimes they’re warm or energizing, sometimes they are cool and calming, and sometimes they aid in sending the reiki to the correct spot on the body. Or they help me remove blocks or entities.

This is an intensive retreat, plan on going deep!

In the Crystal & Mineral Healing class you will learn:

  •   History and Science of Crystals (don’t worry it won’t be like High School)

  •   What shapes and styles work best for certain applications

  •   Specific crystals and minerals to use for healings

  •  How to create crystal & mineral grids for your clients highest and best result

  •  How to choose crystals and minerals for your personal use and how to ensure they are functioning at their maximum potential

  •  Cleaning and caring for your crystals and minerals

  •  How to create grids for healing, abundance, love, health, family, friends etc.

  • Cleansing and healing the aura with crystals and minerals

  • Aligning and healing chakras with crystals and minerals

  • Achieve a greater sense of connection and support from your higher self and guides for your practice.

  • Learn to use and trust your intuition regarding the use of minerals in your practice.

  • Uproot and release any doubts you have about your healing practice.

  • Working with your breath to direct crystal energy

  • Develop your own methods, techniques and ritual based on what resonates for you.

  • Practice these techniques and much more in a safe, loving environment.

  • Hike, meditate and practice, all in the powerful Sedona Vortex energy amidst the stunning red rocks.

You will also experience:

  • Crystal healing meditations

  • A Vortex hike with your crystals and minerals to program and attune them (weather permitting)

  • PLUS: you will receive your own set of crystals and minerals to make grids and balance chakras.

  • Lots of laughter and fun!

    “My experience with BakeR brought me to a heightened level in my practice and work. My sense of empowerment and gratitude has no bounds for the divine wisdom BakeR instilled in me. I now have the tools working with me in my practice.” – Lilly Goncalves, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and Energy Intuitive, Waltham, MA

“What can I say other than this retreat was phenomenal. BakeR is very loving and welcoming and gives you the space to realize your talents & gifts on your own accord. She is a wonderful guide and I can’t wait for another trip to Sedona for another retreat with her! Thank you BakeR –until next time– may love, light and happiness surround you!” –Clint Kennedy, West Jordan, UT

BakeR is amazing to work with. Full of stories of personal experience, and a vast wealth of knowledge, she makes it very easy to feel comfortable to jump into the work. The retreat was just as fun as it was informative, and the small class size makes it perfect to be able to learn without a lot of distraction. BakeR has been the warmest and most fun teacher that I have had the experience of working with, and if you are thinking of taking one of her retreats, please do. You will leave feeling stronger, more confident and with knowledge that only she can help you find.” –Jim S., Waltham, MA

BakeR is very warm and you feel like you can trust her. She was born to do this work and is a wonderful teacher.” – Anonymous

Location: Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. HWY 89A, Sedona AZ 86336 (between the Sedona Art Center & La Petite Sedona hotel in Uptown, Sedona)

Dates: March 21-22, 2019, 10:00am - 6ish
Retreat Fee: $444.00
Requirements: Must be Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees.
A deposit of $222.00 holds your space, balance due by March 7, 2019
Please call 928-325-1648 or email to pay in full or pay your deposit. OR mail a check to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. SR 89A , Sedona, AZ  86336

Join us in magical, mystical Sedona for this powerful Mineral & Crystal Healing class. Facilitated by BakeR Gendron - The Psychic Coach and Director at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center. For more about BakeR click here

Crystal Reiki Workshop Deposit

Crystal Reiki Workshop Full Payment

Retreat Cancellation Policy:

If you should have to cancel unexpectedly here are our terms: Your deposit is fully refundable less a 20% cancellation fee if you cancel in writing at least 21days before the retreat. After that date, there are absolutely no refunds. BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC reserve the right to cancel programs, retreats and workshops in the event of natural disasters, inclement weather, a facilitator’s illness or death, damage to the venue, or inadequate enrollment. We will provide notice by email as soon as possible.  

However, BakeR and Gateway Cottage Wellness Center LLC are unable to refund any transportation, flight, lodging or other incidental expenses incurred. It is suggested you obtain travel insurance. You can review insurance plans here:

And there are many others, just Google trip insurance.