Shamanic Reiki Retreat with BakeR Gendron, The Psychic Coach.

NEW! Shamanic Reiki Retreat with
BakeR Gendron, The Psychic Coach,
Shamanic Reiki Master. 

Are you ready to take your
Reiki practice to a whole new level?

Date: September 11 - 13, 2019
Sedona, Arizona

  • Learn to use and trust your own intuition.

  • Connect with the Earth's healing spirits to amplify your healing energy.

  • Uproot and release any doubts you have about your healing practice.

  • Learn to remove entities, negative energy, and blocks from your
    client's aura.

  • Learn ancient healing methods that can breakthrough limiting beliefs.

  • Access deeper wisdom working with your spirit guides, animal totems
    and angels.

  • Learn to use your innate healing knowledge passed down through generations.

  • Free your clients from physical, mental or spiritual problems resulting
    from past lives or this life.

  • Work with Shamanic tools such as Crystals/Minerals, Wands, Feathers, Herbs, drums, singing bowls, air, water, fire and earth.

  • Use your hands, breath and light energy to heal.

  • Develop your own methods, techniques and ritual based on what resonates for you.

  • Shapeshift with your animal totems.

  • Practice these techniques and much more in a safe, loving environment.

  • Hike, meditate and practice some more, all in the powerful Sedona Vortex energy amidst the stunning red rocks.

  • Feel confident and courageous with your Shamanic Reiki practice!

Shamanic Reiki integrates shamanic practices with the potent healing energy of Reiki. Shamanic practices are ancient techniques used to align you with earth's energy, your higher spirit, spirit guides and animal totems to perform transformative healing work. Shamanic reiki practitioners can see, feel or hear blocks or negative energy which are limiting their clients from living a full, healthy life. As a Shamanic reiki practitioner, you will use Shamanic techniques along with Reiki to gently remove these blocks and negative energy. After removing any blocks you will then fill the void with healing energy, such as light, color or sound, freeing your client to create a vibrant, full, rich life.

This is an intensive retreat, plan on going deep! 
Requirements: Must be Level 2 Reiki Practitioner



Your retreat days will be spent at the beautiful and serene Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, conveniently located on the edge of Uptown Sedona. Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is a soothing and safe haven to explore and step into your full potential. Or a private retreat AirBNB if enough attendees, TBD.

Join BakeR at: Shamanic Reiki Retreat
Dates: September 11 - 13, 2019
Retreat Fee: $688.00
Requirements: Must be Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Food and lodging are in addition to your retreat fees.

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center.jpg

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, 470 N. HWY 89A, Sedona AZ 86336
OFFICE: (928) 862-4400

For more Retreat information please visit our website
or call (928) 862-4400

Love and blessings!  BakeR