How to Break the Curse of Limiting Beliefs


The truth about curses, negative core beliefs and limiting beliefs, and what to do about them. 

By Natalie Eve Marquis, RMT, CH

During a recent mediumship reading, a woman asked me if I could sense a curse around her. I honestly did not sense a curse and I told her so. But this exchange got me thinking about the nature of curses. Most of us think of curses as being similar to old wives tales or something that gypsies or voodoo priestesses did in a time long, long ago.

Yet it might surprise you to know “curses” impact our lives almost every day.

Say what?!!

How “curses” impact our everyday lives.

We are cursed when we allow doubt and fear to seep into our lives and/or when we buy into or accept negative beliefs like:

  • Bad things always happen to my family.

  • There’s a dark cloud over my head.

  • I’m stupid.

  • Decent housing is hard to find.

  • Good men/women are hard to find.

  • I’ll never get a job in this economy.

  • Fill your limiting belief here _______________________.

Believe it or not, most of these “curses” come from our friends and family! Negative core beliefs originate from when we were young and impressionable. Unfortunately, many of us had parents that told us we were stupid, accident prone, good for nothing, etc. We are also bombarded by limiting beliefs, almost on a daily basis from friends, social media, and advertising prodding us to believe that we have to be thin to be pretty, drink beer to be fun, be rich to be admired, etc. You get the picture.

The bad news is that once we accept the belief, our reticular activating system (our brain’s filtering system) begins finding things in our environment or memories that are a match for that belief. In other words, it starts creating a “reality” around that negative belief.

What makes a curse so powerful?  

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a curse is “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.”


The only thing “supernatural” behind a curse is the power of belief. Simply put, you are cursed if you believe you are, and if you don’t believe it, then you are not. Nothing, not a curse, an entity, another person, not even God itself, can force itself on us because we were created with sovereignty and free will.

As human beings, we have sovereignty and free will:

  • Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. [1]

  • Free Will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.[2]

Therefore, curses, negative core beliefs and limiting beliefs can only impact us if we allow them to!

Curses and negative beliefs are fueled by fear and the ego mind.

No one in her right mind would choose to believe a curse, or even a negative belief, right?

The emphasis here is on “right mind”. Right mind is higher mind, our higher self. The right mind doesn’t even entertain the idea of curse, because it was made in the image of the Divine. It operates from love, knows its own power, and would never accept or choose to believe it is anything other than Divine.

The “wrong mind” or “lower mind” is the ego mind. It is fueled by fear. Fear makes us a victim and tells us to be afraid. When we operate from fear, we have separated from, or forgotten, the truth of who we are – the power and love of the Divine itself.

How to break a curse and release negative core beliefs and limiting beliefs.

Bottom line – don’t believe it! Don’t accept it as your truth.

Okay, it’s easy to say but not always easy to do with conviction, especially when there seems to be “evidence” all around us supporting the belief. With that in mind, here are five concrete steps you can take to transform curses, negative core beliefs and limiting beliefs:

1.. Check in with your Body Barometer. Our bodies are a barometer, or one big intuitive antenna, if you will. Martha Beck in Steering by Starlight calls this the “body compass.” The intuitive body is a navigational system that will always steer us to our North Star (i.e. highest good). Next time someone hands you a negative belief, or you unearth one from the depths of your subconscious, stop for a minute and become aware of how your body feels when you think that thought. Thoughts and beliefs that do not resonate with the truth of who we are at a soul level feel heavy and constrictive in our bodies. We feel a weight on our shoulders, a pressure in our chest, or our belly clenches. On the other hand, statements that resonate with our soul level truth feel open and expansive, or we feel peaceful and centered.


2.. Don't accept the belief. Remind yourself, “This is not my truth.” You might even imagine stamping a package with “return to sender”, to remind yourself that you are not accepting that belief.

Here is a specific example from my own experience:

When I returned to Sedona this past January, friends and acquaintances kept telling me there was a housing shortage, and that affordable housing was difficult to find. It was also in the news, on social media, and whenever I searched Craigslist, I found limited opportunities. Despite this, it didn’t feel good in my body to accept that belief. So I tried on this empowering belief: “There is an abundance of housing.” But I got an icky feeling in my chest when I said it. Metaphysically, it was probably true, but it didn’t resonate with me. I tried this other empowering belief instead: “If I’m meant to be here in Sedona, I’ll be guided to the housing arrangement that’s best for me.” When I said this, I felt peacefulness in my body and I felt no resistance to the statement. Therefore, this was the empowering belief I chose to affirm. A month later a sweet opportunity presented itself out of the blue, and I moved into my new home on March 15th.

Working with Negative Core Beliefs

If you are working with a negative core belief, they typically originate from childhood and have a network of supporting beliefs.

"A core belief is not an everyday garden variety belief that pops up spontaneously – it is the mother of all beliefs, the big kahuna of suffering and the king or queen of your own personal underworld."[3]

Negative core beliefs require frank soul searching to get to the root core belief. Once you unearth the root belief, and any supporting beliefs, use your free will to release them:

  • “I release all contracts that me or my family are cursed.”

  • “I release all contracts that I have to be perfect to be loved.”

  • “I release all contracts that everyone I love will abandon me.”

  • “I release all contracts that I have to work hard to succeed.”

You might consider creating a ceremony to release the beliefs. I created this Release of Ancestral Agreements & Contracts form that I use whenever I discover a negative core belief to release. Filling in and signing the release contract gives weight to the release work, and although not necessary, makes it feel a bit more official.

3.. Acknowledge any fear or emotion that comes up. If you find yourself anxiously pushing the negative belief away, stop pushing. Instead, acknowledge the fear or anxiety. What we resist persists. Try befriending the fear. You might say to it:

“Dear Fear, I know you don’t like this belief. It feels crappy. Thank you for trying to protect me by pushing it away. But engaging it just gives it more power. How about we work together to find a new empowering belief?

An inner dialogue like this typically dissipates the fear and creates an opening for a new approach.

Now that ‘fear’ is working with us, we can channel the energy that had been engaging with the negative belief into creating a new empowering belief.


4.. Choose an empowering belief. Empowering beliefs feel that way because they are in alignment with our soul level truth. It’s important to select a belief that feels good but elicits no inner resistance. Resistance means you’ve selected a belief that is too big of a stretch. To find the best fit, you might have to experiment with a few options, always checking in to be sure the statement feels good in your body. For example:

  • I am free to live my life as I choose. I am free to live the life of my dreams.

  • Everything is perfect as it is, and can be improved.

  • I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself.

  • It is easy to succeed when I have fun and enjoy my work.

5.. Affirm your new empowering belief. Whenever a friend, family member or even the news projects the negative belief, silently say to yourself, “That is not my truth. My truth is (state your empowering belief).”

Note the Time Lapse Phenomena

If your new empowering belief is replacing a negative core belief, know that it may take some time for your psyche to catch up with your soul. If you find yourself wondering or worrying if you have truly released the negative core belief, know this is normal.

It sometimes takes a while for our brain to catch up to our new reality. I remember after the birth of my son, I’d sometimes feel a movement in my abdomen and think, “the baby is moving” as if I was still pregnant. Only to quickly realize my baby had been born, and it was just gas!

I had a similar “catch up to reality” experience when my former husband and I divorced. I remember receiving the final divorce decree confirming we were divorced as of May 24, 2013. But sometimes I would forget this. I’d been married 29 years. Divorcing was a bit like having a phantom limb. I still felt his presence in my life, even though he was no longer there. I’d find myself thinking of something I wanted to share with him when he got home from work, only to remember we were divorced. Or, even months later, when a man would flirt with me I’d feel guilty, forgetting for a minute that I was no longer married. With each forgetting, I had to remind myself that I was divorced and single now.

So if you catch yourself thinking about the former curse, negative core belief, or limiting belief, just remind yourself that you’ve released it, and continue to affirm the new empowering belief. One day, you’ll be going about your life and suddenly realize the “new” empowering belief is just the way you roll now!


6.. Practice Good Energetic Hygiene – Just like to we take a shower and brush our teeth to keep our body clean and healthy, we also need to practice good energetic hygiene to keep our “energy” system clean and strong. The following two practices were muscle tested by having a person stand at the front of the room, while another personal hurled hateful statements at them. Without the practices, the individual tested weak. However with the practice, the person tested strong. It is suggested you do these either or both of practices upon waking and before bedtime:

  • Intend and imagine yourself surrounded in 100% Christ light.

  • Intend and imagine yourself filled and surrounded by Divine Love.

You might also:

  • Intend and imagine yourself surrounded by a mirrored bubble that reflects back anything that is not love and light.

  • Ask Archangel Michael (the power of God) to protect and guide you.

  • With Archangel Michael’s sword and assistance, imagine cutting all energetic cords with the person, people or situation in question.

  • Have a few energy healing sessions to strengthen your chakras and to seal up any rips or tears (weaknesses) in your aura.

In conclusion

While negative beliefs lack the drama of curses, they are equally dooming when we accept them (whether knowingly or unknowingly, as in the case of core beliefs we take on in childhood) as our truth. I share all of this to remind myself, and you, of who we truly are – powerful beings of love and light. Beings that were made in the image of the Divine, with sovereignty and free will. You’ve got the power. I’ve got the power. And, it’s time for us to step into our power and choose our beliefs with awareness and confidence.

Note: If the fear is sticky and won’t go away, this signals an opportunity for deeper inner healing work. See a counselor, spiritual coach, or consider a Reiki Release Emotional Healing Method session.




About Natalie Eve Marquis


An intuitive healer and teacher, Natalie’s mission is to help people break free from fear and enjoy life to the fullest. She is the founder of the Reiki Release® Emotional Healing Method, a powerful process that pinpoints and releases the root cause of emotional blocks and negative beliefs. Natalie teaches all levels of Reiki certification both online and in person. She also provides a variety of fun and informative workshops on intuition development, past life healing, dreams and symbols, personal growth, and more.