Melissa Kim Corter talks about Soul Retrieval

When we experience trauma in our lives, no matter how subtle or severe, part of our Soul essence can separate from us in order to escape experiencing the emotional pain of what we have gone through. When this happens we can feel ungrounded and find that we are not fully engaged in life. Melissa's Soul Retrieval process combines modern day psychology, shamanism, and hypnotherapy to help reclaim a piece of the individual that became fragmented during a trauma, intense event, or challenging moment in time. Soul loss is the result of a heightened state of fear, panic, or even uncertainty in which a part of us decided it was not safe to be in the body or perhaps to reconcile an event at the mental level.

Melissa guides you on a journey to reclaim this hidden or lost part of you. Some of the common symptoms of "soul loss" are: Not feeling the same after something has occurred Not able to be present or handle emotions well Chronic depression Suicidal tendencies Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome Immune deficiency problems Inconsolable grief Addictions A constant feeling that "something is missing"

MELISSA’S PERSONAL CREED I promise to guide through my processes with an open heart and mind. Supporting you and allowing you to be your true self without judgment or criticism, only love is allowed. I am committed to elevating the consciousness of people in my business and presence. I honor each and every client and promise to see them all through the eyes and lens of love.

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