A Powerful Process for Healing Emotional Wounds

By Natalie Eve Marquis, RMT, CH, Intuitive Healer & Coach

If you met the woman sitting across from me you’d envy her. Jessica* is a beautiful brunette, thin, smart, sweet, happily married, and CEO of a very successful company. Really what’s not to envy?! She’s come to my studio for a Past Life Regression. I ask her if there’s a particular issue she wants to work on or if she wants to trust the regression to take her where she most needs to go for today.

She tells me she doesn’t have any issues, “I’m married to a great guy, our kids our doing well, our company and staff are great …I’m really at a great place in life.”

Despite the sincerity of her words, as an intuitive empath, I could sense a huge amount of sadness below the surface, and so I ask, “Then where is all the sadness I sense coming from?”

Shocked, Jessica’s face crumbles as tears well up. “It’s probably from some childhood stuff.”

I can sense the truth of that as well as a lot of fear around the issue. I tell her, “That resonates for sure. I also sense a great deal of fear around that.”

She sighs, “Yes that’s true, but I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with that right now.”

No worries I tell her. “When you’re ready though, please know that with the intuitive process I do (the Reiki Release Emotional Healing Method), you won’t have to relive the experience in great detail. I’ve found that just being aware of the issue is more than enough for healing to occur.”

She nods her head and I refocus the conversation back to the past life regression that she’s come for. I never push a client to do more than they are ready for. I learned the hard way as a fledging practitioner that being over eager to make an impact can prompt you to nudge a client forward before they are truly ready. I’ve learned to continuously check in with the client, and intuitive guidance, to ensure all healing work unfolds at a pace comfortable for the client.

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Inner Child


Carl Jung is said to have originated the concept of the Divine Child archetype, but it is most memorably John Bradshaw, an educator and self-help expert, that brought a deeper understanding of the wounded inner child into mainstream awareness.[1]

Our inner child lives deep inside our unconscious mind and it influences the choices we make, how we respond to challenges, and how we live our lives.

In my work as an intuitive healer, I can attest to the fact that a large majority of my clients have a wounded inner child. Odds are that unless you enjoyed a completely ideal childhood, you probably do as well.

Why bother exploring the state of your inner child? The biggest reason is that an unhealed inner child often causes destructive or unhelpful behavior patterns. With a wounded inner child many of us have underlying sense of anxiety or feeling of unease. We wear masks, people please, withdraw, enable, rescue, jump to negative conclusions, act out or become passive aggressive. Or, rather than feeling open, fully alive and free, we feel imprisoned, stuck, stagnant, or weighed down.

As Dr. Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. says in the Psychology Today article Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: The Inner Child,

True adulthood hinges on acknowledging, accepting, and taking responsibility for loving and parenting one’s own inner child. For most adults, this never happens. Instead, their inner child has been denied, neglected, disparaged, abandoned or rejected…(and it still holds) our accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears and angers.[2]

Healing the Wounded Inner Child with the Reiki Release Method

Jessica returns a month or so later to try the Reiki Release Method. After the past life regression and taking a few of my intuition development classes, she is more comfortable with me and ready to go deeper. Her goal for this session is to begin healing the fear and sadness that sits below the surface of her life like a heavy, invisible shadow.

As she lies on my Reiki table, I begin channeling Reiki life force energy. One of the reasons the Reiki Release Method is so powerful is that, in addition to receiving energy healing, the individual is guided into a deeper level of consciousness, to the alpha and theta brainwave states, with introspective hypnosis techniques. It is the alpha-theta level of consciousness that makes it easier to recall and retrieve memories from the subconscious, reprogram the subconscious with more empowering feeling-beliefs, and create deeper levels of healing.

Healing at the Subconscious Level is Key


Dr. Joe Dispenza in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself explains that it is very difficult to create lasting change from the conscious or beta-level of mind. He states,

Your analysis is creating higher and higher frequencies of beta. Thinking in this mode causes your brain to over react, you reason poorly and think without clarity… We can analyze our old self but we cannot uninstall the old program and install new ones. (For that) we have to access theta.

Rosalyn L. Bruyere’s research corroborates this in Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras and the Healing Energy of the Body. According to Bruyere, most of us in fact have had significant traumas, which are still locked in our subconscious mind. “We were programmed,” she states, albeit with an unhelpful program. Ms. Bruyere discovered that when a person receives rolfing (a deep massage technique), energy healing or is hypnotized (a process that guides an individual to the alpha-theta state), the individual can more easily recall the data of a trauma and the subsequent attitudes and feelings. “Once brought to consciousness,” Bruyere says, “They can be examined, explored or simply released, making room for more healthy attitudes and feelings. Often during a rolfing or energy healing session the release will be sudden and accompanied by a flood of emotions. Frequently these emotions take the form of angry outbursts or tears, or a combination of both. Once these old angers and fears are surrendered, old patterns give way to newer and healthier ones.” [3]

When we look back over our life experiences, most of us can list several traumatic or disturbing events. The goal, in healing the wounded inner child and with the Reiki Release Method, is to get to the root cause of our wounding. This most often occurs between the ages of three and seven. During these ages, we were too young to understand or fully process the events that occurred around us or to us. As a result, rather than being fully felt, understood, and processed, the emotions lay unresolved in our energetic body.

Our energetic system is always trying to achieve homeostasis (its natural healthy state). Since these unhealed feelings and thoughts are not in alignment with who were are as divine beings, our energy system is out of balance. In an effort to heal, we energetically continue to attract similar-feeling experiences. The Universe is not trying to punish us. Rather, the hope is that the new similar-feeling-experience will cause us to become aware of our unhealed emotions and false beliefs so we can heal and release them. Once released, natural healing occurs and life force energy begins to flow unimpeded once more.

Instead, what often happens is that we ignore, stuff down, or distract ourselves from our feelings and limiting beliefs. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes even terrifying to face our feelings and crappy beliefs. But emotions are energy, think “e-motion” or energy in motion. When we don’t allow the emotions to rise up and move through our bodies, we are using our free will to hang on to the emotion. Overtime, this creates an emotional pile-up resulting in emotional dis-ease, and/or physical disease.

In the Reiki Release Method, the emotional memory serves as a thread that leads us to the initial wounding and its subsequent erroneous belief.

You are Always in Charge of What is Felt and Released

After about ten minutes of channeling Reiki to Jessica, I sense where the bulk of her fear and sadness is being stored in her body and intuit the earliest age of its first occurrence. The age and time period that I intuit resonate for Jessica. A key benefit of the Reiki Release Method is the client doesn’t need to relive the troubling event in great detail, only just enough for the feelings to surface. The focus isn’t on the memory per se, but on allowing the old buried feelings to surface. You might imagine that the old emotions are stored in a pressurized tank. The emotional surfacing process of pinpointing the earliest age, creating an energetic identification for the feeling, and tracing to similar-feeling experiences, creates an opening in the “tank” for the emotions to be released. The individual is fully in charge of allowing whatever level of feeling they are comfortable with, to surface and be released.

Once the old emotions and misbeliefs have been released, the goal is to restore Jessica to her original “programming”, the original God code (divine blueprint) she came into this world with. At this point, I am intuitively guided to lead Jessica through a process to meet her inner child.

“All that old stuff you just released. That is not the truth of who you are. As a spark of the Divine, you are perfect, whole and complete. To help you remember this, imagine that standing before you is your inner child, the little person you were at age 4. Can you see her? Do you notice how pure and innocent she is? How infinitely lovable she is?” Jessica softly cries as I guide her through meeting and embracing her inner child.

Although the steps to meeting ones inner child are pretty basic, no two client sessions or inner child introductions are ever a like. I am always listening and checking in with my intuitive guidance and the individual’s energy to lead them through a process that is ideally suited for them, sometimes its inner child work, other times it’s re-parenting, or an infinite number of other options. When Jessica meets her inner child, she is a profoundly struck by how innocent, pure and wholesome she is. There is another level of release as she cries and reunites with her beautiful inner child.

Once we are put back in touch with our inner child, we see that we came into to this world wholesome and pure, with a unique and special personality. We are born innocent. We are born worthy. We are born enough. We are born to live the fullest expression of ourselves. Ultimately, the method isn’t “fixing something” so much as it is removing what doesn’t belong, the misbeliefs and accompanying emotions of guilt, shame, and unworthiness, to reveal the beautiful soul that was there all along.

The last step of the Reiki Release Method, guides the individual through a process of choosing and installing new empowering beliefs that better reflect the Divine being that they are. The soul doesn’t need “reprogramming” but the human subconscious does. The goal is to bring the human subconscious into alignment with its God code or originally programming.

In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Dispenza makes a very convincing case for the importance of guided meditation as a form of self-hypnosis to create healing and lasting change. It’s an invaluable tool because as he states,

It is essential to unmemorize an emotion that has become a part of your personality, and then to recondition (reprogram) the body to a new mind.


This reconditioning or reprogramming can only be done from within the subconscious mind where the trauma, memories and wounds are stored. The Reiki Release Method is a facilitated approach that accesses the same level of mind, the subconscious, to facilitate healing and transformation. In traditional Reiki, the client is a recipient of channeled Reiki life force energy. In the Reiki Release Method, the practitioner is both a channel and a facilitator, while the client is an active participant in their own healing process. The combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance, subconscious reprogramming, and active client participation is a powerful formula for healing emotional wounds and their core erroneous belief systems.



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What clients say after a reiki RElease Method

A Weight Has Lifted!

“Thank you for making me feel safe and secure. Wow. As you may have suspected what we encountered has been in there for over 40 years or so. Thanks to your gentle guidance and process, I feel like a huge weight has lifted! “ ~  C.T., Kitty Hawk, NC


“My reiki (release) healing with Natalie was incredible. She is warm, nurturing and intuitive. She connected with me quickly and knew what my blocks were. I highly recommend her for any healing or intuition reading.”  ~ D B., Santa Monica, CA (Yelp)

Some of the best work

Natalie is an amazing reader. I had the emotional (reiki) release and it was by far some of the best work I've been thru. She is strong and gentle during her work. She is the real deal. I am a healer and reader my self and she is on my top list to go to after this. The price is worth it. "Even the professionals have coaches to help them be great”….” ~  T.P., Roanoke, VA (Yelp)


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[2]Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/evil-deeds/200806/essential-secrets-psychotherapy-the-inner-child

[3] Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body by Rosalyn L. Bruyere, A Fireside book published by Simon & Schuster, 1994, page 187.

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