BakeR Gendron is The Psychic Coach and the Director of Gateway Cottage Wellness Center. A highly gifted and experienced intuitive, healer, coach and teacher. BakeR offers the following services by appointment:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Reading
  • Spiritual Life Coaching,
  • Reiki, Shamanic
  • Drumming & Crystal sessions available
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Guided Meditation

BakeR’s vision is empowering others to live fully and joyously in their magnificence, powerfully creating the riches they desire in all facets of life – career, relationships, abundance and spirituality among others. She has worked with clients for over twenty years guiding them in private sessions and classes to find their Inner Truth and realize their full potential by stepping through sometimes unknown barriers. By utilizing spiritual and leadership principles she enables people to mold all facets of their life bringing the mind-body-soul connection that so many are seeking.

After completing healing work with Maestro Banco Ayahuasquero – Don Rober Acho Jarama and Maestro Huachumero – Don Howard Choque Chinchay in the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains, she returned to Arizona with her Spirit Guide Mamacita from the spirit vine Ayahuasca. She now works with Mamacita, Geronimo, Cristiana, the Arcturians, the Hathors, the Elohim and any other spirits who come through. These may include your guides or spirits of loved ones that remain with you. Along with you, your guides and higher self, BakeR and her guides will help you create the life you desire, here and now.

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About, BakeR Gendron is The Psychic Coach and the Director of Gateway Cottage Wellness Center.

Intuitive Readings

30 MINUTES $99 • 60 MINUTES $144 • 90 MINUTES $211

Do you need clear, accurate answers? We offer exceptional psychic readings here at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center! Each of our readers connects with your higher self and spirit guides to bring you empowering information and insight, for your highest good and the good of all.

Spiritual Life Coaching

60 MINUTES $155 • 90 MINUTES $233

Spiritual Life Coaching enables you to put Spirit in Action!. Spiritual Life Coaching helps you determine and implement your life purpose, integrating mind, body and spirit to maintain balance and create the life you desire. Through asking you thought-provoking questions I will help you dig deep to uncover any blocks to your success.  As you tell me your “story” I will reflect back your thoughts and feelings and offer different perspectives. Together we will define your action plan, and I will hold you accountable to your commitments.  I will challenge you to stretch and grow, to accomplish all that you choose. Spirit aligns with us when we are being clear and authentic, when we are expressing our true desires and striving to live in our magnificence.  Spirit expects nothing more than for us to come from Love and Live Joyously!
Practitioner: BakeR Gendron 

Past Life Healing

60 MINUTES $144

A Past Life Healing with BakeR Gendron is an effective and powerful tool to clear any blocks or issues you are having in  this lifetime as a result of traumas in a past life. BakeR does a reading with you to find any past life issues then takes you through a Past Life Healing meditation session to clear the issues. Past life trauma creates a cellular memory that is stored in your body; together you will clear that memory and create a new story. Recreating that life experience to cleanse and heal the suffering. Examples of trauma that can be cleared in your Past Life Healing session range from torture and brutal death to family issues. BakeR also provides a generic Past Life Healing meditation on her website that can be used in the future for further healing.Your session is recorded and emailed to you.
Practitioner: BakeR Gendron

Shamanic Reiki

60 MINUTES $166 • 90 MINUTES $233

Shamanic Reiki integrates shamanic practices with the potent healing energy of Reiki. Shamanic practices are ancient techniques used to align you with earth’s energy, your higher spirit, spirit guides and animal totems for transformative healing work. Shamanic reiki practitioners can see, feel or hear blocks or negative energy which may limit you from living a full healthy life. The practitioner then uses techniques that can drive out or gently remove these blocks. They may use drumming, crystals, their breath, or they may call on spirit guides to help them. The practitioner will then fill the empty space with healing energy, such as light, color or sound. Reiki is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing. When we put these two practices together we amplify the healing power of each, allowing deeper healing at all levels of mind, body and spirit.

BakeR Gendron, Talks about referrals

BakeR on EXPLORING THE HUMAN JOURNEY! Season 1 Episode 14.

BakeR on EXPLORING THE HUMAN JOURNEY! Season 1 Episode 14. Filmed in Sedona Arizona! BakeR is a Professional Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and an Intuitive healer specializing in Shamanic Reiki. She talks about her Shamanic Journey to Peru and using Ayahuasca, her deep emotional trauma and subsequent healing and listening to her spirit guides.

In her role as The Psychic Coach and Spiritual Life Coach, BakeR  emphasizes how to stretch, develop and powerfully transform your thoughts to create and manifest your desired results. Whether you want to increase your abundance consciousness, improve your relationships, achieve clarity regarding a specific issue, or create a new path BakeR can coach you through the process and help you soar to new heights.


Hi Baker,
I just wanted to let you know how helpful our session was. I feel different…a new awareness of my “connection”, less anxious and more in the flow.
No muckin around Baker, you have given me the validation I needed to move forward with confidence.

Many thanks and best wishes.
— Donna T. xoxo - Australia
I am convinced that my initial meeting with BakeR while on vacation in Sedona was divinely inspired. As I have worked with her over the past several years she has guided me on a journey that has taken me from believing in her God given gifts to believing in my own. For the first time in my life I am learning to truly love myself, believe in my abilities, and live a life full of joy. No more can’ts, no more shouldn’ts and no more excuses!
— Cindy Theberge, Merrimack, NH
I have enjoyed coaching with BakeR for nearly seven months now. My family and friends have witnessed me grow and transform the abuse and the painful experiences that I suffered from empowering stories of healing and strength. I am conquering the darkness and depression that always seemed to surround me and am creating the life that I love to life, with BakeR at my side. It is an honor to call BakeR my coach and my mentor, as healing with her soothes not only the mind and body, but also the spirit.
— Shiloh Langlois, Baton Rouge, LA

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BakeR is a Holy Fire Reiki Master teacher, Shamanic Reiki teacher, Master Prosperity Teacher, a Fire Walker , a former Licensed Religious Science Practitioner for over 15 years and a graduate of the SAAR Leadership Academy. She has journeyed with Shamans in Peru, studied with healers and psychics, ministers and coaches.

BakeR is a licensed minister and  performs celebration of life/memorial services, weddings and sacred unions.  She has been published in Science of Mind magazine, was a co-author of “Abundant You”  for New Vision Center and is currently working on two books “Raging Princess/Joyous Queen” and “Dance in the Light – Beginners’ guide to psychic development”.

She  facilitates retreats such as:

  • Dance in the Light – 1.0 and 2.0 – Intuitive development
  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Way of the Warrior Woman

BakeR has taught various classes and workshops including:

  • Mysticism
  • Self Mastery
  • Principles of Financial Freedom
  • Roots of Science of Mind
  • Spiritual Principles
  • Science of Mind Foundational
  • Consensus Leadership
  • Leadership Development

BakeR is a past Vice President of the Sedona Metaphysical and Spiritual Association, a group of professional practitioners who adhere to the code of ethics and mission of the group.

An inspirational speaker, BakeR has been a speaker numerous times at New Vision Spiritual Growth Center and All Faiths Church in Arizona, Trinity United Methodist Church in Florida and has spoken to many groups including Rotary, Soroptimists International, National Women’s Political Caucus and the Internal Revenue Service diversity group. Her  repertoire includes:

  • “Living in Technicolor”
  • “Everyday Miracles”
  • “Finding the Peace”
  • “Celebrate Diversity”
  • “The Magic of Mindfulness”

Baker served on the Board of Directors for New Vision Center for Spiritual Living (formerly New Vision Spiritual Growth Center) in various positions from Youth Liason to Vice President. She was a member of NVC’s vision group for over ten years, and served  as a teacher in the youth church for over thirteen years. She is fully committed to the principles and teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and Religious Science.

BakeR resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved husband André Gendron, a student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles”. BakeR  follows her passion working with clients through Psychic Readings, Teaching, Spiritual Life Coaching and Retreats.
She empowers people to create rich, vibrant, joyous lives.

to Schedule a Session or for information:

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